Technical environment

Our technical environment

Technology is an ever changing, always evolving thing and Datek will always use the best available technology to solve our customers’ needs. For us, a change in technology is an opportunity for further development, streamlining and optimization.

Problem solvers

In our projects, our goal is to find good solutions and solve complex problems together with our customers. We are a team of highly qualified people with diverse skills and background. That enables us to solve complex problems within software, hardware, electronics and assembly.

Quality assurance

There are many things that must be in place before a system meets users’ expectations. Infrastructure should be in place, functionality implemented and match between performance and availability. The key to success is high technical skills and good communication with customers. We need to learn their business area, discuss options and uncover their expectations. This process lives throughout the duration of the project and as long as the system is still active.

Agile methodology

We use an iterative / agile development methodology for both software and hardware projects. The main focus is to control and minimize risks and costs. This is done by having good communication with the customer and recognize that the longer the project runs, the more knowledge we get about the business area and the technical challenges.

By creating small pieces of the system and put these into production early we get feedback on what customers really want, and discover technical challenges. By always making the parts of the system that has the highest risk first, we eliminate risk early, determine whether the project will be delayed or the costs will increase.

At an early stage the Customer will have the ability to adjust schedule, modify their requirements due to deeper knowledge or in extreme cases stop the project at an early stage if it turns out to more complex and time consuming than acceptable.

Security and privacy

We are committed to providing the highest level of security and privacy. On 14 April 2016, the European Parliament adopted a new privacy regulation. By 2018, the regulation will be implemented in Norway and all Norwegian companies will get new routines that they must relate to. We are in the process of making procedures to follow the new rules.