We offer correct lighting in precise locations at appropriate times


Who are we

We are a leading provider of outdoor lighting systems in Norway. Our systems are used by Statens vegvesen (Norwegian Public Roads Administration) and a large number of Norwegian municipalities. We also deliver outside Norway’s borders. With our solution, you get a modern and robust light management system, built with the latest hardware and software technology for IoT. Customers can build integration with other IT infrastructure as needed.

Holmenkollen sports field

Customized functionality for different areas

Several hundred thousand light spots are controlled through our solution. We have customized functionality for street lights, sports facilities, parks and facades.

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Street lights Trolldalen

Complete control over outdoor lighting

Datek Light Control is a complete management system for automatic control and monitoring of outdoor lighting. It is designed to optimize energy use, drive efficient maintenance, and minimize light pollution.

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Oslo city

Preferred product for customers with focus on quality

Datek Light Control supplies the product to 5 countries and controls around 600,000 street lights all together. We have delivered a number of smaller and larger projects, always with focus on quality and environment.

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Telenor and Datek presents IoT based light management

With modern technology and innovative solutions, we make cities and municipalities smart. Together, we offer correct lighting in precise locations at appropriate times - in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way.

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