Light Control

Reduce energy consumption by more than fifty percent with Datek Light Control.

Datek Light Control AS

Datek Light Control AS is a subsidiary of Datek Wireless AS. We provide connected intelligence for outdoor lighting. A trusted partner for Smart City solutions in numerous Nordic municipalities such as Oslo, Trondheim and Drammen. When public road authorities like Highways England, Statens Vegvesen and Trafikverket require robust control and management solutions for major road infrastructure, Datek Light Control is the preferred choice.

Reduce energy consumption by more than fifty percent

There are strict requirements for public authorities to effectively operate their lighting installations. A demanding public expect maintained and well lit spaces while at the same time requiring a minimal environmental impact. When selecting our most optimized solutions, you can achieve a reduction in energy consumption of by more than 50%.

Enjoy complete control with our platform

Datek Light Control is a cloud based solutions platform for control and management of light installations. The system gives you complete power over your lights, saves energy and reduces operational cost. We have customized functionality for managing street lighting, sport facilities, parks and facades. Several hundred thousand luminaires are controlled through our solutions.

A solution built on years of experience

At its core is our Machine to Machine server engine developed in-house over the last 10 years. The server communicates with field installed units through the internet (tcp/ip), mobile networks (GSM/GPRS), and license free 2,4 GHz ISM radio (ZigBee) and wired DALI bus.

The solution enables centralized management of individual luminaires in installations ranging from floodlights at small sports fields to streetlights on major highways infrastructure.

All lamps are dimmable individually or in groups. Control modules are available as segment switches or internally/externally mounted luminaire units.

Automated alarms are forwarded to service personnel, combined with extensive logging, complete data sets for event based, planned and predictive maintenance is at your hands. The system is easy to implement into new and existing lighting installations.

Simple user interfaces on web, App or SMS

Datek Light Control system is easy to manage, maintain and monitor through web, app or SMS, and status updates are instantly available. It is easy to achieve substantial energy savings and subsequent reduced environmental impact.

Centralized command and control can provide real time data on energy consumption, lamp burn time and fault detection to drastically simplify maintenance. Role based user privileges allow for system interaction with end users simply requesting “Lights On”, public authorities defining basic rule sets, service personnel performing maintenance, and energy supplier collecting metering data.

Datek Light Control offers correct lighting in precise locations at appropriate times!

With Datek Light Control you get a modern and robust infrastructure for managing light installations with the options to expand with additional sensors and controls to become a Smart City. Datek is the real Internet of Things enabler.

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