Our goal is to contribute to better health and quality of life by improving the way we measure and manage our health. We want to develop solutions that provide greater sense of security and help to uncover and prevent health risk factors.

Smart health

We like to think that no challenges are too big to be solved, at least when it comes to challenges that can be solved with technology. We have over 20 years of experience developing quality systems and sensors that are used for everything from smart home solutions to efficient use of resources in society and street lighting.

Earlier this year we announced our smart health platform. We are on the threshold of a technological shift within healthcare. With our knowledge and expertise we can solve challenges with smart health technology. We use the broad experience we have in various fields to develop innovative and robust products for the health sector.

Our goal is to develop solutions that can assist in providing better diagnosis and treatment of patients and provide new opportunities to follow up our own health. We want to create solutions that assume a proactive approach to healthcare. The need for smart solutions will grow in hospitals as well as in care institutions and specialist health care.

Measurement and monitoring of physiological factors can increase performance, but also increase safety when the body is pressed. It can be useful both for people engaged in organized sports and other forms of physical activity. New research and technological development gives us the opportunity to monitor and manage the most important thing we have, our health!

Hypersension – our flagship

Hypersension is our flagship and our first health project. As early as 2018 we could tell about this exciting project, a blood pressure monitor that continuously measures blood pressure. With funding from the Research Council, we got the pleasure of being a project owner of this health project that runs over four years. The project is a collaboration between a skilled team from SINTEF, which is responsible for the research. The clinical testing is done at Oslo University Hospital – OUS. In addition, we have a very skilled team of doctors at Sandefjord Health Park which makes important contributions in the project through testing on patients and feedback to the project.

The prototype of hypersension

Every heartbeat counts

1,5 million Norwegians live with high blood pressure. The condition is the most important risk factor for premature death. Blood pressure monitoring and accurate measurements are important in identifying and assisting at-risk individuals. It only allows for instantaneous measurements – typically four times an hour. The inflatable cuff around the upper arm can cause stress and pain in the wearer, thus increasing the chance of incorrect measurements. The “Whitecoat effect” often makes measurement at the doctor’s office artificially high. In order to measure blood pressure over time, the patient may need to take measurements at home. The equipment you need to carry with you can seem disruptive and limiting. It must also be used at night, which can cause stress, interrupted night’s sleep and, ultimately, incorrect measurement results.

The professional environment confirms that Hypersension has a great market potential, both for medical offices and hospitals. Compared to today’s blood pressure gauges, it is far more user friendly.
It can also be used in research on, for example, heart disease. This is because it provides continuous measurement and thus enables more thorough analysis and understanding of diseases and factors that cause difficult regulated blood pressure.

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