The Smart Home of the future

With a smart home solution in your home you can control and measure all electronic components from one place and create an intelligent home for the future.

Future digital home with Smart Home

With a Smart Home solution you have control over your home at all times. With a smart home solution in your home you can control electrical components from one place and create an intelligent home for the future. A Smart Home helps reduce energy, improve comfort, make operation easy and can provide a higher level of security.

Datek offers several products and services within the Smart Home business area. The common denominator for all of these is that our customers are partners and other companies, not end user. In other words, if you are a home owner looking for a new smart home solution, you should contact one of our partners.

The products and services include the following categories:

  • New sensor products
  • Radio communication for existing products
  • Gateways/Hubs
  • Service platform

New sensor products

Datek develops new sensor products for a variety of customers and offers product development as a service. We currently work with:

  • Smart sockets
  • Door lock for the welfare industry
  • Alarm panel
  • Motion sensor (PIR) with camera
  • Magnetic sensor
  • Fire alarms with a variety of additional sensors

Radio communication for existing products

Making existing products smarter

Datek offers integration of a pre-developed communication module into existing home products, allowing them to be managed centrally through, for example, an app. There are many good existing sensor products that can get new applications and increased sales by making them “smart”. Datek has already assisted several customers with the following:

  • Door locks
  • Sockets
  • Thermostats

We see great opportunities for this business area in both Smart Home products and welfare and health products with high cost and time consumption in relation to development and approval processes. By adding a communication module, good and well-established products can be used in new ways and become integrated with the rest of the smart home or welfare solution in the home.

EMMA IoT Platform

EMMA IoT Platform – a complete integration platform for IoT.

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Gateway (hub)

We have developed the “brain” in the house.

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Dream Module

We have developed a communication module – Dream Module

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Yale wanted a new communication module for their well known smart door lock Yale Doorman.

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