SMS solutions

Datek is a quality provider that delivers SMS products and solutions you need in your communication with your customers.

Effective communication with an SMS solution

SMS is a fast and efficient communication channel. Datek has delivered products and solutions for SMS since 1997.

We have extensive experience and deliver quality

Datek is a quality provider who delivers SMS products and solutions needed to communicate with your customers. We deliver standard products, but also offer tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements. This ranges from integration with CMS or ERP systems, integration with a company’s own databases and reporting tools, integration with individual application servers or other forms of customization.

We have a broad experience in developing solutions for both aggregators and mobile operators, integrating everything from billing systems, message centers, number databases and other applications and solutions running in their environment.

We also develop content applications with adaptations to mobile devices.

Datek as a supplier of SMS solutions to the B2B market

Our role is as a system integrator. We maintain interfaces with operators (mobile network operators (MNOs), virtual mobile network operators (VMNOs) and aggregators.

Our product is designed to run with the customer’s own infrastructure, whether it’s in a server room or in the cloud. We do not charge for traffic, only fixed fees for use of the product (license and maintenance fee). You decide where and how the CPAS (Datek SMS product) will run.

We have delivered mobile messaging systems to a wide range of Norwegian and foreign customers, including NSB, Bokklubben, Cargonet, Bane NOR, Telia, Telenor and Orange. CPAS is also a natural supplement in our M2M solutions where SMS communication is often required.


The Content Provider Access System (CPAS – Datek product) is a product that enables you to send SMS through a wide range of mobile operators and aggregators using a simple interface. CPAS is intended for:

  • Companies with simple needs to communicate via SMS.
  • Content providers with their own card number.
  • Aggregators.
  • System vendors in need of sending and receiving messages using modems or short numbers.

CPAS is currently used in more than ten countries, and is the leading product of this type in Norway. About 30 percent of all Norwegian content providers and aggregators are using CPAS today.


CPAS is a communication gateway that can run on most operating systems. It runs as a standalone application or service, and only requires setup of account information.

Functional highlights

  • Offering both high-level and low-level interfaces using JSON, XML or position-separated format. High level means that CPAS handles splitting long messages to the correct SMS length
  • Multiple transport / channel types - JMS, TCP, HTTP (S) and file.
  • Opportunities to expand the solution with plugins / filters (logging, monitoring, remote database reporting, routing, etc.).
  • Support for formatting many message types (flash, ringtones, logos, wap push SI, wap push SL, bookmarks, etc.).
  • Very good performance (used for SMS-based TV voting).



Simplicity is an important factor for Bokklubben when they communicate with their customers, and the main reason why they considered a SMS solution.

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NSB Messaging services

The requirement was that if all traffic stopped at Oslo S (Oslo central station), 70,000 travelers should be notified with an SMS message within 12 minutes.

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