Solutions in electronics and software.

Product development

In January this year, 12 employees from Informasjonskontroll AS were employed in the newly started Datek Solutions AS. Informasjonskontroll has extensive experience in product development in electronics and software. In the past years they have provided solutions to the Armed Forces, the defense industry, health care, public administration and a number of companies in the private sector. At Datek Solutions, we will maintain and build on the same business – and competence areas. We are now part of a larger environment and can therefore offer complementary expertise.

Many of the products we develop together with our customers require skills in a variety of disciplines. We therefore see a great advantage of having expertise in both electronics development and software development. At the same time, we have a good network of suppliers in mechanical design and manufacturing. This enables us to take total responsibility for product development!

In order for a product to be launched on the market and CE-marked, the product must meet current requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic immunity and radiation. Several of our customers have requirements such as the product should have a long life, and that they work according to tough environmental requirements. These are elements that place high demands on the development project. It needs to be planned and implemented in such a way that the final product meets the customers’ specified expectations. We have long experience in following a product throughout its lifetime.


Our developers work for some of Norway’s most exciting and innovative companies. We believe that the reason we are chosen is the combination of high technological expertise and our experience of working on demanding projects.

No projects are alike. Our focus is to have developers who are flexible and willing to change. Our strength is the ability to leverage the experience we have accumulated over many years and at the same time be hungry to learn something new. All the developers who work at our customers have access to our collective knowledge.

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