A control system for outdoor lighting

A control and monitoring system for outdoor lighting. The system is designed to optimize energy consumption, streamline operation and maintenance, as well as minimize unwanted light pollution.

How it works

The control units located in the field are connected at all times and provide full control with continuous feedback on status. Our light control units are integrated outside or inside the luminaire. They can also be mounted on a pole, in a junction box or a road light cabinet.

The solution is suitable for both new systems with modern dimmable LED light sources or for traditional contact-controlled igniters.

The system continuously reflects the actual conditions out in the field, therefore a map-based user interface is used to configure light profiles based on function and exact positioning.

Create a smart city

A solution from Datek implemented in a municipality is an excellent starting point on the way to becoming a smart municipality or smart city. The radio infrastructure that has already been developed for light control has many possibilities for use in other areas of use as well.

All units can be remotely upgraded (OTA) with improvements and new features or special solutions so that the customer is well equipped for the future.

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Total control

The control regime is based on set of rules that are defined and run a secure server solution in the cloud. The control signals that determine adjustment of a dimming level can be almost anything. In its simplest form, it is an astronomical table based on geographical position and sunrise / sunset. For more accurate light level control that takes into account local conditions, a LUX meter can be used.

The system also provides options for SMS messages in the event of alarms, or notification by e-mail for specific events. Data is collected and stored in a data center, and extensive logging provides opportunities for many different reports on historical data and events.

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Custom light control

The light control system is built as an IoT system from scratch (Internet of Things). Thus, the devices communicate with each other in the cloud. Each individual user is given specific rights based on need, and they get protected and secure access, easily and seamlessly controlled via a web portal or mobile devices.

It may be a football coach who wants to switch from training lights to match lights, or a technician who wants to turn on a facility during the day for necessary maintenance, both by using a simple app on the mobile phone.

With a robustly structured communication chain, all units have built-in procedures for how to act if any link in the chain fails. This prevents unwanted downtime, and as long as power is in place, various safety mechanisms will ensure that there is at least light.

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