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We make the city communicate with IoT solutions for infrastructure and light control

City. Connected.

We make the city smarter. IoT has the potential to make the world a better, more connected place

Many Norwegian municipalities, companies, road / infrastructure companies and sports clubs have experienced this. Our IoT solutions and wireless control systems mean that those responsible for business areas and facilities get a simple, friction-free and cloud-based solution.

Our lighting control system makes roads, sports facilities, bridges, tunnels, urban spaces, parks and other vital infrastructure smarter, and not least, safer and more energy efficient.

At the heart of the user experience is a user interface for web and mobile, connected to a secure cloud service. This provides an overview and control, and allows the user to control the system. The components work "behind the scenes" and the system is fully scalable.

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Collaboration inspires. Here are some of the projects we've contributed on.

A smart city where everything is connected

There really are no limits to what we can connect if we see the city as a whole. Our control system can control heating or other infrastructure. The same radio technology and infrastructure / gateway can create interconnected systems that simplify everyday life, free up resources and make better use of energy.

The technology of tomorrow is created today. Here is the latest news on Datek.


Want to know more about the smart cities of the future?

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  • Øyvind Sløgedal
    Øyvind Sløgedal CEO Datek Light Control AS
  • Steinar Olsen
    Steinar Olsen Sales Manager Datek Light Control AS