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Telia and Datek using NB-IoT technology

New technology focuses on environment and optimized operation of light control.

Street lighting made smarter with Narrowband-IoT

We have made a prototype based on Narrowband-IoT, which simplifies the implementation and operation of smart outdoor lighting in streets, parks, city spaces, facades, sports facilities, light trails and tunnels. The technology makes it possible to deploy smart luminaires almost without the need for engineering and planning.
When a light fixture is installed in a post, it will automatically connect to our server via Telia’s network and report its GPS position to our map application.

Good experience in wireless communication and IoT

We have been working with wireless communication and IoT since 1997. Smart street lighting have been part of our everyday life for 14 years, and since 2006 we have been working on wireless single-device management. More than 100 municipalities and all the regions of the Statens vegvesen (State Highway Authorities) are among our clients.

Focus on environment and optimized operation.

A lot of the street light systems in Norway are still not made smart. Narrowband-IoT is one of the technologies we can use to increase the penetration of intelligent lighting systems. It is assumed to be 1.2 million street lights in Norway, which accounts for about one per cent (over one terrawatt) of the total electricity consumption. The power saving potential is great in modernizing the street lights and making them intelligent with dynamic dimming, turning off luminaires (eg every other luminaire) during periods of the night, turn off luminaires when there is no traffic and adjust the light and brightness according to the lighting conditions in area.

It is not only environment that is important for the municipalities, but also optimization of operations. Our lamps report themselves if there are irregularities in function and power, how many hours the light source has burned and when it’s time to switch it. Some simple clicks in our web application provide answers to this. Here you can also subscribe to system notifications and alerts, get reports on consumption, and define rules and light profiles. Current status and all historical data on the individual lamp are always available. This is used to efficiently schedule maintenance.

Datek and Telia

Datek has been cooperating with Telia (former NetCom) since Datek started in 1997. We have both been a partner of Telia, supplier of technical infrastructure to NetCom and distributor of NetCom (including a wireless switchboard distributor).
Narrowband-IoT is something we’ve been following for a while now, waiting for the right time to use it. Telia Norway was the first operator in the Nordic region with NB-IoT and we are proud to cooperate with an operator who wishes to create value with IoT.

We are looking forward to further cooperation with Telia.

Read the press release from Telia here

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