The mattress that turns the patient automatically

Tidewave has together with Informasjonskontroll developed the smart mattress

Another product within health care

Informasjonskontroll that moved into our premises earlier this year has collaborated with Tidewave R & D on developing an automatic mattress that will make life better for both health professionals and patients. The goal is to avoid heavy lifting for the health professionals and reduce pressure ulcers for patients.

The mattress works the way that it automatically crumble when the vents are filled with air, so that the patient wont suffer from pressure ulcers. Normally, a patient with reduced mobility will need help to move in the middle of the night to avoid pressure ulcers, this is a burden for the health professionals and, not at least, disturbing for the patient. With mattress from Tidewave the health professionals avoid heavy lifting and the patient can sleep without interruptions.

A prototype is now out for testing where Informasjonskontroll has developed the management system and software. Several nursing homes in the Stavanger region are in the process of testing the mattress. NRK published an article about the test last week. The next phase of the project will be to develop special electronics for a pilot series that will be lunched to customers after the summer.

Informasjonskontroll looks forward to further cooperation with the exciting company Tidewave.

Other products within health care sector that Datek/IK are involved in developing include smart blood pressure monitor and healthwatch Contact.

Photo and film: Tidewave R&D