Datek iot teknologi

We use the best available technology to solve our clients' needs

Norwegian-developed technology

Over time, we have built strong and broad expertise. This makes us flexible in terms of the choice of technology, programming language and methodology for each individual project.

Our products are developed and designed in Norway. We believe this is a hallmark of quality. Based in Lillestrøm, we have the competence environment at Kjeller in our immediate vicinity. Together, we believe that technology provides opportunities. We are well positioned to contribute to increased value creation for our customers through useful, profitable and reliable solutions.

The technical environment

We look at technology shifts as opportunities for further development, efficiency and optimization.

Datek iot teknologi problemløsere

Problem solvers: We take pride in finding good solutions to complex problems. We do this with highly qualified people, wise minds and varied expertise - at the intersection of software, hardware, electronics and assembly.

Datek iot teknologi smidig utvikling

Flexible development: We use an iterative / flexible development methodology for both software and hardware projects. This controls and minimizes risk and cost. Communication is the key, and the further into the project we go, the more we know about the business area and the challenges.

Datek iot kvalitetssikring

We ensure quality: Before the client receives the end product, infrastructure must be in place and functionality implemented. The key lies in understanding the business area, communicating opportunities and uncovering expectations for functionality, performance and availability. Throughout the life of the project.

Datek iot teknologi produksjon

We produce: After prototyping, we can put the projects into production. State-of-the-art robotics and printers, as well as worldwide access to components enable us to produce larger volumes with strict quality requirements.


Lean. Scrum. Flexible development. Our software and hardware developers solve complex tasks that benefit products you find throughout society, or in the form of solutions for a wide range of industries. Over the years, we have built up a solid project portfolio and gathered unique cutting-edge expertise.

Datek iot tekonologi utvikling

Zigbee Alliance

Datek has been working with Zigbee since 2006 and is a member of the Zigbee Alliance. (Renamed the Connectivity Standards Alliance in 2021.) Zigbee is a wireless protocol used in a number of industries and technologies within the Internet of Things (IoT). The protocol is used to make things talk to each other. Some of the advantages are a very low power consumption and long range. This makes Zigbee suitable for battery-powered equipment in, for example, a home, but the protocol is also used in a number of other areas.

In the first years, we used Zigbee in road lighting control. We have taken the experiences we've gained from this to other areas, including smart homes. Within this area, we use Zigbee in a number of products for both in-house developed products and in products developed for other brands.

Since Zigbee is a standard radio and application protocol, you can easily link equipment from several suppliers together.

And with Matter, the new standard Zigbee has been working on, we become even more connected.

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Datek iot teknologi lab utvikling
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Welfare Technology

What lies in the field of welfare technology and smart health? Well, one can be given a dignified old age, for instance. A number of our products have been made with that in mind, and we can mention a revolutionary blood pressure and health monitor, sensors for a safe home and smart mattresses.

Datek iot teknologi verferdsteknologi

Quality, Environment and Safety

Datek has always focused on quality and environment. Even before we were certified, we had established routines in our daily work to secure these areas. In the spring of 2018, however, we were able to document that we are working actively to ensure the requirements for quality and environment.

With certification in these standards, we can now document that we have good systems for quality assurance, so that we live up to the requirements of our customers, suppliers and not least our own requirements.

We can also, with our hands on our hearts, say that we help to minimize the negative impact on the environment with ISO-14001. We are also certified under information security. ISO 27001 certification was given in the autumn of 2018.

And we were also first to utilize Nemko's new security stamp for our hub / gateway!

Do you have any questions about quality, environment and safety? Contact!