The Organization

Datek AS was established in 1997. The company is mainly owned by the employees and is located in Lillestrøm. The group has developed through continuous competence building and acquisitions, e.g. of Informasjonskontroll (now Datek Next AS) with it's IT history reaching as far back as in the 60s.

Datek AS

The parent company in the company group. The company manages shared resources across the subsidiaries.

Org. 944690883
Subsidiary organization Datek Smart Home AS Brand Datek HOME

Datek Smart Home AS is a supplier of products and services within the smart home segment.

Org. 918005234
Subsidiary organization Datek Light Control AS Brand Datek CITY

Datek Light Control AS is the market leader in Norway within control of outdoor lighting in the public space.

Org. 913143051
Subsidiary organization Datek Next AS Brand Datek NEXT

Datek Next AS is one of Norway's leading consulting companies within IoT and customized development.

Org. 923825428
Subsidiary organization Datek Productions AS* Brand Datek PRODUCTIONS

Datek Productions AS is responsible for product management and production on behalf of all Datek companies. * Company is "inactive"

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The management

Feel free to contact us for further information or presentation of the company.

  • Anders Westgaard
    Anders Westgaard CEO Datek AS
  • Øyvind Sløgedal
    Øyvind Sløgedal CEO Datek Light Control AS
  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS
  • Sondre Aarrestad stående
    Sondre Aarrestad CEO Datek Smart Home AS
Integrity Because we create systems that work, security is of importance. You can always rely on us.
Willpower We have endurance. If problems arise, we deal with them.
Passion We have fun at work. We stay curious and are open to new technologies. "Nerd" is a word of honor.