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A long Eexperience with smart vehicles and fleet management

Fleet management is a collective term for management systems whose main purpose is to collect, structure, analyze and present data on fleets of vehicles. In fact, Datek was established with this as the primary area, so we have extensive experience of getting vehicles connected to systems.

Our solutions have benefited train and bus companies, ground services at airports and municipalities with large car parks. It has provided data capture and location information in real time, which means that you always know where the vehicles are and can utilize them more efficiently.

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Fleet management

Gain better control over vehicles, while reducing costs and increasing utilization rates. In Norway, fleet management has traditionally been used for carriers who want to optimize route planning with display in a map application.


Smart vehicles

We create exciting products for smart vehicles based on our experience from complex, industrial vehicle solutions. The products are based on a modern infrastructure, with well-tested equipment for the cars.

The products are divided into three areas: for municipalities, for small and medium sized businesses and for the consumer market.

Smart vehicles for municipalities

Our road book product for municipalities is in full operation at Fredrikstad municipality, and the product is adapted to municipalities based on Fredrikstad's needs, while we have always focused on product and reusability. The product consists of several modules:

• Driving book and trip reports
• Vehicle register
• Real-time map management in maps, either Google Maps, Geodata / ESRI Arcgis or Open Streetmap
• Driver register with registration of competence and certificates
• Registration of driver using existing employee card (card reader in all cars)
• Service and maintenance
• Workshop register with contract management
• Collection of vehicle data via the car's diagnostic port (OBD II)
• Departmental structure adapted to municipalities
• Leasing control

A municipality typically wants to have a local installation of the system, something we have taken into account in architecture and choice of infrastructure.

Smart vehicles for small and medium sized businesses

For small and medium-sized companies, we offer the product through partners who resell the solution under their own brand. Here, the product is delivered as a cloud-based service, where neither partners nor customers need to install anything locally. Functionality is similar to that for municipalities. There is also extra functionality related to the driving license, including toll passes that are registered automatically, driving on private roads and the like.

Smart vehicles for the consumer market

For the consumer market, the product can be sold through partners. Here it is also arranged for the partners to offer integration via APIs for their own partners. This means that various apps can be offered to the end users and services like insurance, workshops, sales, leasing and other services that are interesting to the end users.

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