Datek iot teknologi utvikling

We have connected machines and people to the web - from the very beginning

Everything. Connected.

Datek is the Nordic region's leading supplier of IoT solutions and customized development

Datek's journey began almost 25 years ago as a supplier of Machine 2 Machine (M2M) for the corporate market. With the advent of the internet, network technology and wireless technology, we have gradually oriented ourselves towards the Internet of Things (IoT) and have established ourselves as a solid player within fields such as light control, smart homes, smart infrastructure, fleet management and consulting services. To mention a few.

Our vision is to create a world where people, things, infrastructure, cities and systems communicate with each other, and we sincerely believe that this is a better and more efficient world.

From our modern offices in Lillestrøm, 60 employees work to create a more interconnected world.

Our Story

We have a history dating back to 1969, right at the infancy of the internet. One might say that our journey reflects the technological development over the last 50 years.

Establishment of Informasjonskontroll AS

Informasjonskontroll AS is established. Hired to program for FFI where Informasjonskontroll's employees sat in a separate office in FFI's premises.

Informasjonskontroll moves to Asker

The work at FFI was completed, and IK bought and moved into the former Norgaard guest house in Asker.

Encryption solutions

Informasjonskontroll employees are involved in developing the first system that used programmed encryption for FFI and the Intelligence Service.

Norway's first internet connection

Informasjonskontroll expands with hardware department. IK was commissioned to make a data connection reading between FFI and Norsar. This became one of the first internet connections in Norway.

New construction

IK is building new in Solbråveien in Asker.


IK established the subsidiary Spacetech which was later sold to Kongsberggruppen.


IK established the subsidiary Miros AS.

Kongsberggruppen becomes new owner

Kongsberggruppen buys IK and the new name will be Kongsberg Informasjonskontroll.

Datek is established

Datek established in its current form by Ketil Westgaard, Steinar Olsen and Freddy Slommerud. Started in Dovregården in Lillestrøm. The main focus from day one was twofold: Distribution of Siemens GSM modems as the only Norwegian representative and distribution of fleet management solution from the Swedish company Hogia. First fleet management agreement with NSB Godstrafikk (now CargoNet) for delivery of fleet management solution (still in use).


We moved to Gåsevikveien 4 in Kjeller, in the incubator premises of Campus Kjeller (now Kjeller Innovation). Second fleet management agreement with NSB Persontrafikk (now Vy) on delivery of Station in Train solution (was in use until 2017). Commercialization of spin-off product from fleet management: SMS The messaging system GSMS (now CPAS) - was eventually used by 70% of the content provider industry for SMS content in the early 2000s. Informasjonskontroll's original owners re-establish IK under original ownership and separate teams with Kongsberggruppen.

Netcom distributor

Datek becomes Netcom's (now Telia) distributor of Wireless Business.

Moved again

Moved to new building / new locations in Gåsevikveien 8 (now Instituttveien 6) at Kjeller - Datek took over the entire 3rd floor of the building. Established own development environment and support department.


Schibsted on the owner side - European investment in mobile platforms - grew to 30 employees (2001-2002).

Control system for street lighting

Discontinuation of European investment due to lack of maturity in the market, reduced to 13 employees. Started distribution of control system for street lights - quickly gained a number of Norwegian municipalities as customers.

Zigbee for street lighting control system

Started delivery of self-developed control system for street lights, developed first luminaire-controlled unit (control of single light poles). Unlike competitors who use wired solutions, Datek chooses the radio technology Zigbee that carries.


Delivery of fleet management system for winter maintenance to Mesta.

From 2007 to 2013

Sales of a number of tender-based solutions within the Railway sector, roads and infrastructure.

Delivery to GFS

Development project and delivery to Gardermoen Fuelling System.

Datek fuelling
We are entering the English market

Agreement with English distributor on sale of lighting control system for the English market.

Datek Light Control becomes its own company

Datek Light Control is separated as a separate subsidiary, with Datek co-founders Steinar Olsen and Øyvind Sløgedal at the helm.

Relocation and new investment!

Datek moves into a new building in Storgata 6 in Lillestrøm. Datek starts investing in smart homes, both product development, platform and sales.

Fasade sykkel
Datek Productions is established

Datek Productions is established as a subsidiary.

Collaboration with Infomasjonskontroll AS

Letter of intent to acquire the company Informasjonskontroll with 17 employees who move into Datek's office.

Datek Smart Home is established and Informasjonskontroll is acquired

Datek establishes the subsidiary Datek Smart Home and acquires IK's operations at the head office in Lillestrøm, including 80% of the employees and most customer relationships. The Karmøy office continues its operations with a focus on Western Norway.

Acquisitions and new establishments

Acquisition of Informasjonskontroll's Skjetten department of 13 employees is completed. The new name of the company is today Datek Next and constitutes Datek's consulting business. Datek establishes the subsidiary Datek Smart Health.

IK ute utsnitt
New part owners

Lyse and Haugaland Kraft join the owner side of Datek.



Almost 25 years as a company (and even more if we count the entire history of Datek Next) creates good memories. Here are some highlights we will never forget.


In 2021, Lyse and Haugaland Kraft will join the ownership side of Datek. «Datek is one of the most exciting players in the country when it comes to technology solutions for both municipalities and companies. We also see a significant potential in the company in smart solutions aimed at the private market,» says Executive Vice President, tele, Toril Nag in Lyse.

Oslo rådhus utsnitt

Oslo Municipality wants to create safe and nice areas for residents, tourists and others who travel in the urban space by lighting up facades. In 2020, Oslo City Hall was equipped with a solution from Datek for outdoor lighting that covers the aesthetic need and at the same time is both environmentally and cost-saving.

IK ute utsnitt

In 2020, Datek acquired Informasjonskontroll's department at Skjetten with 13 employees. The new name of the company is today Datek Next and constitutes Datek's consulting business.

Eva Hub miljø utsnitt

Norwegian-developed smart home product series that looks good in the home!

In the autumn of 2020, we started working with Eker. Eker designed a product family that our customers can be proud to place visibly in their home and that is in line with our brand Eva - Smart Home Made Easy. The first products are already in house and sales are underway in our online store.