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Sustainability and social responsibility


At Datek it is all about connecting things.

When we connect humans and technology we can help to solve challenges in society within security, energy, infrastructure and health.

Our goal is to connect humans, things, infrastructure, cities and systems. When we utilise the technology on a large scale, we can create sustainable cities and systems that will take the world to a better future.

Our sustainability work is based on four pillars

The people

We value our employees, and will ensure a healthy, safe and inclusive working environment. We meet people with respect and act responsibly.


We are innovative and see technology as an opportunity for further development, efficiency and optimisation. Our clever minds work to make complex technology accessible, secure and simple.

Environment and climate

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, across our operations and through the services and products we provide to our customers.


We have experienced that things work better when they are connected, the same applies to us people and organisations. When we work together, we can achieve more.

We are constantly working to be better

Here are our certifications:

The Transparency Act

Our explanation according to The Transparency Act.

Do you have questions or input regarding these questions, please send us an email.

We make a difference through three dimensions:

  1. Footprint. What we can to do become more sustainable.
  2. Handprint. How we can help our customers become more sustainable.
  3. Influence. How we can inspire our local community and industry to bring about change.
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SDG 5 | Gender equality
Towards 2030 we will work purposefully to increase the proportion of women and facilitate for more equality. This will make our organisation better.

SDG 7 | Affordable and clean energy
Through our solutions for smart power and light management, we will contribute to a low-emission society.

SDG 9 | Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Our Smart Home solution, Eva Energy helps people to reduce their energy consumption.

SDG 11 | Sustainable cities and communities
Our lighting management system makes cities smarter and more energy efficient, while reducing light pollution to protect flora and fauna.

SDG 13 | Climate action
Our products and services help people and cities use less energy. Naturally, we are constantly working on reducing our own footprint as well.

SDG 17 | Partnerships for the goals
At Datek we have a tradition for both large and small collaborations. We believe in coming together to solve our common challenges.

Datek Light Control hjelps Bærum municipality become a smarter and more energy effective municipality.

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Tiny Workers is a visible, concrete and research-based sustainability initiative in the local environment. Datek is a proud pollinator friend and we are very enthusiastic about the work Tiny workers do to spread knowledge and help us take better care of species diversity.


Want to know more about our work?

Please be in touch if you have questions regarding our work towards a more sustainable future, or comments about The Transparency Act.

  • Siri Bragstad
    Siri Bragstad Sustainability officer Datek AS