Terms and Conditions for Datek Light Control AS

1. Terms of delivery

  1. Datek Light Control AS delivers goods under the conditions described as DPU – Delivered at Place Unloaded, under Incoterms 2020. The conditions in DPU regulate the transfer of ownership and risk during physical hand over (unloaded) of the goods at the agreed delivery address. The conditions apply where Datek Light Control AS are responsible for booking of shipment/ no other agreement have been made.

    EXW – Ex Works applies where customer books the shipment or pics up the goods at seller address.

2. Product warranty

  1. Light Control Units and other material included in the delivery have a warranty period of 24 months. The warranty runs from the delivery date. Delivery date is equal to the date the units are sent from Datek Light Control AS to the customer.

3. Warranty terms

  1. The products must be used in accordance with the productspecifications (especially in accordance with the datasheet and product brochure).
  2. The products must be installed and put into use according to the installation instructions relevant for the product.
  3. Services, such as software upgrades or additional functionality, must be performed exclusively by Datek Light Control AS or a third party appointed by Datek Light Control AS.
  4. The product is not exposed to external influences, electrical, mechanical, chemical, temperature or anything else that is not explicitly specified in the product data sheet or the standards covered by the product.
  5. Warranty claims and any redeliveries are carried out according to the applicablerules. In most cases, the customer can choose one of the following:
    1. The product is returned for warranty assessment. Within the communicated deadline, the decision will be made and, if the warranty is granted, DLC will replace the product.
    2. If a new item is needed immediately, a new item is sent, and invoiced. DLC will then issue a credit note, if the warranty is granted, and the original item is returned.

4. The warranty does not cover

  1. Costs of installation such as transport of new or defective equipment to be replaced, travel or travel costs. The warranty does not cover consequential costs that may arise when installing or removing products in the field. These costs are carried by the customer in full.
  2. The warranty expires immediately if the customer or third party makes or performs changes, repairs or modifications without the written consent of Datek Light Control AS.

5. Terms of sales

  1. All offers sent from Datek Light Control are valid for 30 days unless otherwise stated or agreed.
  2. All orders are invoiced at current prices and conditions on the day of order. Current prices are stated in the order confirmation of the relevant order.
  3. Payment terms are net per. 30 days from invoice date. Invoice date equals the date the item is shipped.
  4. At the request of Datek Light Control, the buyer must provide a payment guarantee, or pay in advance before delivery or before the order is executed.
  5. In the event of changes in relevant exchange rates, Datek Light Control reserves the right to change the prices of current contracts, unless otherwise agreed.
  6. Any expenses for repairs or improvements must be agreed with Datek Light Control before work is started.
  7. Purchase of Light Control Units presupposes that an operating agreement is signed between Datek Light Control AS and the end customer. Where the buyer is not identical with the end customer, it is the buyer's duty to inform the end customer about the requirement of an operating agreement. An operating agreement regulates, among other things.
    1. Operation and maintenance of the system
    2. Access to the system
    3. Data communication

6. Return of merchandise

  1. All returns of merchandise must be agreed with Datek Light Control AS before return shipment. A return form with reason description/ purpose and other relevant information must accompany the return shipment to Datek Light Control AS.
  2. When returning item(s), a return fee will be added. The return fee is calculated at the applicable rates, as a percentage of the value of the returned goods.
    1. In special circumstances or conditions, the calculation of the return fee may deviate from the standard.

7. Project and support services

  1. When purchasing control units from Datek Light Control AS, project and support services must be expected. The services offered must be stated in the sales offer and confirmations from Datek Light Control.
  2. Where the scope or type of service is not known in advance, this will be invoiced continuously against the same order / purchase order unless otherwise agreed.
  3. Prerequisites for offered and included services are as follows.
    1. Information about end customer and ownership is clear.
    2. The client's desired site/ installation information is available.
    3. Unit naming and GPS positions (WGS84 decimal degrees) are available.
    4. Installations are connected, control measured and found ok. before contacting Datek support.
    5. No need for troubleshooting, other tasks or clarifications that require extra time before the service can be delivered.
    6. The caller (engineer) has sufficient knowledge of the installation so that commissioning and testing can be done without delay and with safety.
  4. Installation information as mentioned under» 7.3 are delivered to Datek Light Control AS on valid templates provided by Datek Light Control AS and available for the purpose.

In the event of deviations to the above, the time spent will be invoiced according to current rates for support and consulting work. This also applies if the submitted installation information is incorrect or incomplete.

In addition to this, the conditions of sales stated Aslem 12 fra Elektroforeningen apply to other sales and delivery conditions.

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