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The right light at the right place at the right time

Hundreds of thousands of light points in Europe are controlled through our solutions. We have specially adapted functionality for controlling street lights, sports facilities, parks, facades, tunnels, urban spaces, bridges, light trails, ski resorts, harbors and more, so that our users have full control of all outdoor lighting.

We deliver a complete administration system for automatic control and monitoring of outdoor lighting. The system is used in the private and public sector and by those who are cost-conscious and need control and overview.

The system can also help to maintain environmental considerations, as it contributes to energy savings and reduces light pollution. With good light control, you light up urban spaces and other places exactly when needed - and turn it off when not needed.

Utility areas

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Maintenance and operation of lighting systems is costly, but there is a great potential for reduced power consumption on most road networks. Our solution offers dimming that is controlled according to the day and season lighting conditions.

The system provides better lighting conditions and reduced power consumption with continuous feedback on status and messages the user when in need of maintenance. The user can easily follow up and satisfy obligations regarding response times. The public guidelines for lighting are maintained.

Optimal lighting

Safe traffic for road users is the most important requirement that must be met. In addition, one must take into account the aesthetic expression and ensure minimal light pollution when planning road lighting. With smart luminaires, it is easy to adjust light levels to local conditions.

Modern IoT platform

With our system, all installations, regardless of road type, can be controlled from the same interface, be it a small walkway, a 4-lane access road, traditional road lighting or modern LED luminaires with radio communication. Everything is gathered in the same future-oriented IoT platform.


Sport facilities

Flexible, simple and active control of lighting for artificial turf pitches, light trails, local facilities and sleigh runs. This gives managers and track crews more time for other tasks, and athletes get more flexible activity and training conditions.

When you play football late in the autumn, you need more light when training and playing. Many people experience that the light on the facility is too dim or turns off during activity. We believe that the user is the best at determining the need for light. With our solution, you can easily control the light for your activity.

Individual control

We supply modern lighting systems that can be set to different levels. The owner sets guidelines for what, where and when lighting is permitted and assigns rights to the user. This means that the users of the facility can turn on more lights via the mobile phone and ensure a safe and good execution of the activity.

Everything is controlled through a simple and intuitive mobile app. And if the user forgets to turn off the light, predefined overriding rules take action so that you avoid unnecessary light pollution.


Urban areas

A safe city is about safe and secure traffic, on foot, by bicycle or by other means of transport and public transport. Aesthetics are also in focus.

All transportation projects require a plan for good lighting with universal design and practical solutions. Lighting is a natural part of this and provides residents with light when needed, where they need it.

Our system is easily integrated with infrastructure such as bus stops. This way you can reduce light pollution, cut power consumption and create a dynamic lighting adapted to local conditions.

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Bridges and tunnels

On bridges and in tunnels, there is a special need to focus on operational safety and simplified maintenance. We supply lighting systems for small and large bridges and tunnels where we meet the suppliers' requirements and specifications.

Safe and efficient operation

With our radio-based control nodes integrated in the light fixture, road traffic control centers can monitor all light points individually at any time. Malfunctions are notified immediately, so that the error can be quickly corrected. Operators can easily increase the lighting in case of accidents or other special events.

Simplified maintenance

Closure of roads and tunnels is intrusive, which makes it complicated and expensive to carry out maintenance. With our system, all data is stored in the cloud. This makes it easy to identify faults on individual luminaires.

Custom solutions

We provide systems for most needs. From simple landslide superstructures where the light is switched on when the vehicle is identified, to autonomous solutions with different light levels based on traffic density and an alarm connection to SCADA.

Our system can be integrated in all types of luminaires, directly with relays or 1-10V dimming. If you need another type of lighting, such as artificial lighting on signature projects, you can easily expand the system instead of installing a new control system.

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