Our light control system has been developed in its entirety by Datek. All further development and support takes place from our location in Lillestrøm, just outside Oslo.

With ownership and expertise at all stages of the solution, we can offer standard systems as well as client-specific applications without dependencies to third parties. This provides good flexibility for our customers, and is a guarantee for investing in a system that develops in line with the market, customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Built as an IoT solution from scratch, the devices communicate with each other in the cloud. The system enables protected and controlled access for the individual user with their rights and needs - easily and seamlessly.

All units can be remotely upgraded (OTA) with improvements and new features or special solutions so that the customer is well equipped for the future.

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Cloud based platform

The solution is fully developed by Datek Light Control based on modern components and frameworks. This gives the customer fast and virtually unlimited possibilities for scaling. Each customer is given access to the solution via a separate online operating portal.

Our servers running Amazon Web Services are used to run the solution. With dedicated web server, database, and application in a reputable data center, the highest security, data integrity, and uptime can be expected.


  • Centralized operation
  • Web and mobile interfaces
  • Role-based access
  • Time management
  • Rule engine
  • Alarm configuration
  • Logging of data
  • Report generator
  • Third-party integration of APIs
  • Sensors

Datek lysstyring olandsboen

Datek light control gateway

A gateway (GW) is used as the main controller and communication center in the field. It relays information to the cloud service via built-in interfaces for 4G, 5G and fiber. A gateway can be used both as segment controllers in traditional road lighting and in smart luminaire-controlled installations, or a combination of both.

Together with control nodes in the luminaire (LCU), it also acts as a radio coordinator for the 2.4 GHz Zigbee wireless network (WPAN). When planning lighting systems, a gateway is placed appropriately with regard to equipment to be connected, and considering optimal radio coverage.

A gateway can control 500+ smart luminaires, but a network with several gateways is usually planned for redundancy. With many options for connecting external analog or digital equipment together with remote software upgrade, the system is prepared for the smart cities of the future.

4G / 5G mobile coverage
2.4 GHz RF mesh technology
500+ smart luminaires
Battery backup
Relay control
Prepared for sensors
Local operating logic
Customized functionality
Remote upgrade

Datek iot kvalitetssikring

Light control unit

The luminaire control node (LCU) is usually integrated (internally or externally) with the luminaire when supplied by the manufacturer. It can also be mounted on a pole, in a junction box or a road light cabinet. It is equipped to control modern LEDs and most conventional luminaires.

With Zigbee MESH radio technology, the signals jump between nodes until it finds the best way to a radio concentrator located in a nearby gateway. This technology creates a robust network with self-repairing properties and enables far greater range for the facilities than traditional point-to-point communication.

2.4 GHz radio mesh technology
GPS built-in
Local management backup
DALI up to 64 nodes
1-10V dimming
4 A relay
Adjustment approved current meter
Remote software upgrade

Datek kalvøyabroen

Reliability and uptime

Our choice of Zigbee as a protocol is, in addition to the flexibility it provides, due to the desire for maximum operational reliability. Zigbee creates encrypted communication between the gateway and luminaire devices via 2.4 GHz radio technology and complies with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard.

Zigbee is a standard for large network radio communications with many devices based on standardized interfaces. This network is based on a proven technology with a MESH structure that means that all control units in the luminaires contribute to a stable radio link in the area. MESH works so that the signals jump from luminaire to luminaire on their way to their destination, usually a radio coordinator located in a gateway in a VTP.

If a control unit drops out, the signal automatically selects another route to its destination. We often build our networks with multiple coordinators for extended operational reliability.

Our solutions scale efficiently, and today we operate single networks with many thousands of nodes. Zigbee is currently used in a number of applications, such as intelligent homes, industrial automation, power reading, telecommunications, hospitals, temperature monitoring and more. Datek is an "adoptive" member of Zigbee Alliance.

Communication between the gateway and the central system takes place via 4G and 5G and alternatively via TCPIP over LAN or fiber if this is available. In case of error on the network, SMS can be used to control the light.

Datek sandvika credit Tomasz Majewski

Regular data transfer

Some data is transferred routinely at fixed and / or configurable intervals, while the transfer of other data is event-based or transferred upon change in value. In addition to the regular transfer of data to the server, data can also be requested when needed from the server, such as user-initiated requests. There is a separate regime for collecting certified meter readings for consumption measurement.

If one or more parts of the communication line fail, the system starts several parallel runs to ensure operation of the solution. If a unit has not reported at the expected interval, attempts will be made repeatedly to establish contact. If this does not work, an alarm will be generated after a defined time period.

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