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Time of refueling is essential to all airlines and airports. Delivery precision is crucial because of the short time between arrival and departure.

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Gardermoen Fuelling Services AS (GFS) is responsible for all fueling/defueling of aircrafts at Oslo Lufthavn (OSL). This is carried out on behalf of the oil companies who owns GFS.


GFS wanted a new system, tailor-made for their needs, and the choice fell on us after a competitive bidding process.

Time of refueling is essential to all airlines and airports. Delivery precision is crucial because of the short time between arrival and departure. If fuel is not on board within departure time, there will be delays which means increased costs and loss of revenue for the airline.

This is a relatively manageable task, the challenge is that conditions for a tournaround changes constantly. Gate number and time of arrival change in short notice, which makes planning of the refueling process complicated. To deal with these changes, optimization is essential.


The solution consists of a management and administration system, an application for the dispatch office for distribution of fuel assignments, and a PC-based application in all refuelling vehicles and dispensers. The dispatchers and administrators have full control over gates, arrival and departure times for the various flights.

Each refuelling vehicles has a separate PC to ensure that fuelling operator has an overview of all assignments in real time. There is wireless communication between the central system and remote units in the trucks, which means that the dispatchers get an overview of all trucks in real time as well.

When there is a deviation from the scheduled plan, the dispatcher overrides the system and a reallocation will be made based on the information in the system.
The fuellling operator handles all payment and receipt relating to the fueling. The system ensures that airlines are charged according to the contracts that exists. These contracts can be split between oilcompanies as well.


  • Flight database updates every minute.

  • Fuel slip through E-ticketing towards several airlines, which means that fuel transactions are updated and can be acknowledged electronically in the cockpit.

  • Transfer of all fuel transactions to oil companies through the IATA XML Standard for Electronic Fuel Transaction.

The resultatet

The solution handles transactions for over 4 billion NOKs annually. GFS has full control over available resources and all changes are handled in an optimal way. The management system helps simplify planning and reduce costs.

«We are very satisfied with the system implemented by Datek. The system meets our needs and has secured a streamlining of man-hours by 30% per year in administration / route planning.»

Terje Sva - CEO Gardermoen Fuelling Services AS

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