NSB Messaging services

The requirement was that if all traffic stopped at Oslo S (Oslo central station), 70,000 travelers should be notified with an SMS message within 12 minutes.

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NSB - Now VY

Norges Statsbaner AS (NSB), known in English as the Norwegian State Railways, is a government-owned railway company which operates most passenger train services in Norway.


Since 1997, NSB (now VY) has had a need for messaging services in their solutions. Datek has been a supplier of technical integration services for NSB since the beginning and integrated, among others, Norway’s second SMS short number – 8011 – between NSB and the mobile operators Telenor and NetCom (now Telia).


Based on NSB’s requirement for sending 100 messages per second, Datek developed the existing product CPAS to new version that could scale and utilize available memory and number of CPUs optimally.

The product is based on the latest version of Java and best practice in real time processing.

During user acceptance testing (UAT), live integration was conducted towards Telenor. On a single, four-core Windows server, more than 450 messages per second were delivered, with load balancing on CPUs on the server, and a maximum CPU consumption of less than three percent.

The result

Today the product is integrated with all core systems that require sending of SMS at NSB, including their service bus used in a large number of services.

The product is also integrated with Bane Nor’s (formerly Jernbaneverket) and is used for communication with train personnel over the GSM-R (GSM Rail) network in addition to integration with other Norwegian mobile operators.

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