CargoNet needed a system for monitoring locomotives and freight in real-time with easier registration of route punctuality.

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CargoNet is owned by the NSB-group (Norwegian State Railways) and their core business is rail based freight transportation. CargoNet operates 25 freight terminals in Norway and Sweden and is the largest rail freight operator in Norway.


Cargonet needed a system for monitoring locomotives and freight in real-time with easier registration of route punctuality. Datek Wireless developed a fleet management system to meet their needs.


A tracking device is installed in all CargoNet’s locomotives. The first version of GTPS (Freight Train Positioning System) was released in 1998. The solution has been extended and new versions released several times since then.

Functional highlights

  • Timetables are imported from Bane Nors (State-owned company responsible for the national railway infrastructure) RailML-service.

  • All trains are tracked in real-time with live updates and visible on a map on large screens

  • Maintenance schedule using GPS-based mileage-counting.

  • Registration of punctuality for all activities (departure, arrival, loading, off-loading, ready for terminal).

  • Tracking of cargo with automatic notification to customer about delays.


  • Hardware: LogicIO MX2 with software developed by Datek.

  • Server: Java-based webapplications. The solution is based on Dateks generic M2M-platform.

  • Integrations: SAP, RailML, Bane NOR INDB, CargoNet GTS, Cargonet Database, SMS, e-mail.

The result

The system provided a return on Investment (ROI) within a few months. The biggest savings were related to improved utilization of locomotives and better planning of maintenance (earlier the average time between maintenance was 80% of the required distance between maintenances. Now it’s closer to 98%).

GTPS is currently used by many departments at CargoNet and has become an important tool for planning of maintenance, punctuality and quality reporting and real-time monitoring of the entire fleet of locomotives and goods wagons.

«GTPS enables us to monitor and control our rail traffic, as well as detect punctuality and deviation in a good way.»

Jonas Sverre Mæhlum - IT Operations Manager

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