We will be the best IoT company in the Nordic region

Datek Wireless AS takes a step further when acquiring Informasjonskontroll AS. The goal is to be a leading IoT player in the Nordic countries.

A global IoT company

Datek Wireless AS and Informasjonskontroll AS (IK) know each other well and have already collaborated in many projects. The companies complement each other, and together they will become a significant player both regionally and globally.

Product development for future smart solutions

«The demand for IoT products and solutions are rapidly increasing and Datek is successful in several areas within this market. We deliver products and solutions through partners in several IoT markets, including smart home, digital health care, smart municipalities and smart cities. Our ambition is to expand beyond Norway’s borders. IK has very skilled developers who complement us in the best way possible. By working together, we get a much better capacity and we will be able to offer many exciting and innovative products in the coming years», says Espen Westgaard, CEO Datek Wireless AS.

The acquisition goes over a two-year period in which the first part of the acquisition will be completed in March 2018. IK will exist in its current form, but with close ties to Datek, which will be among one of their largest customers. By the end of 2019 IK will become an integral part of Datek.

«Datek is the perfect match for Informasjonskontroll. Together we will have a unique competence and capacity that will make us the largest and most powerful IoT development company in the Nordic region moving forward. Informasjonskontroll is involved in a lot of forward-looking projects for a lot of exciting customers. We are certain this merger will make us an even better partner for both our existing and future clients», says Øyvind Steira Mikkelsen, CEO Informasjonkontroll AS.

Short brief about the companies

Informasjonskontroll AS

Datek Wireless AS

Øyvind Steira Mikkelsen, Espen Westgaard, Anders Westgaard og Per Berg

From left: Øyvind Steira Mikkelsen, CEO – Informasjonskontroll AS. Espen Westgaard, majority shareholder and CEO – Datek Wireless AS. Anders Westgaard, CEO – Datek Productions AS and majority shareholder and board member – Datek Wireless AS. Per Berg, Director Sales & Marketing – Informasjonskontroll AS.

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