Our next step within Smart Health

Just over a year ago we started up our first health project - now we are taking the next step with Datek Smart Health AS.

Smart solutions in health and home are well connected. We have the expertise and is one of Norway´s leading providers of IoT solutions in Smart Cities and Smart Homes. Therefore, it is natural for us to find our place within the health area.

Further development of Smart Home to the welfare sector

For us in Datek, it is natural to deliver products to the welfare sector and help people stay longer at home. With focus on development of products to smart homes, and with long experience with high quality systems and sensors from several industries, we can further develop the smart home area to also cover the welfare sector and develop new and innovative health technology for the home.

It is no secret that our first health project HyperSension gives us a brilliant starting point both in relation to a product with many applications, an outstanding insight into the health technology sector and a network towards both the health technology industry, academia , the specialist and primary health services. In addition to the welfare industry, it is also natural to work with products and new services for the specialist and primary health services. We also look at the wellness and training market as exciting areas both through the HyperSension project but also the expertise we bring with us from other areas.

Susanne Ludvigsen will lead Datek Smart Health AS

At the beginning of August we have the pleasure of welcoming Susanne Ludvigsen to us. Susanne will lead Datek Smart Health AS, and we look forward to having her on the team. She has a background from project management, product development and management. Susanne comes from Nets as Head of Product Management and has over the past two years led product development of both payment and digitalization products. Susanne also has experience as project manager for the public sector from Software Innovation (Tieto).

«Datek is an exciting company that has gained extensive experience and solid expertise. At the same time, they have managed to cultivate a culture of curiosity that gives the company a strong innovation power. I am therefore very humble and look forward to taking part in the development of Smart Health, and to get to know the team behind the HyperSension project.» Susanne Ludvigsen says.

It all started with the flagship project HyperSension

In the beginning of 2018 we announced new exciting project within smart health HyperSension. With allocated funds from the Research Council, we are pleased to be the project owner of a health project that we considered very exciting, but also demanding. Read more about the beginning of the HyperSension project.

It is a comprehensive project that runs over 4 years. We have the pleasure of working with a skilled team from SINTEF with the demanding research. The extensive clinical testing takes place at our partners at Sandefjord Helsepark and Oslo University Hospital – Ullevål. During the autumn of 2019, a PhD at Ullevål will join the project. According to plan, the new blood pressure monitor will be launched in the autumn of 2021.

Read more about the exciting project Hypersension.com

We have started testing

The testing of the blood pressure monitor have started both at Sandefjord Helsepark and Ullevål. At Ullevål, they have now collected data from healthy persons in a comprehensive test procedure. In Sandefjord, volunteer patients are tested with and without assumed high blood pressure over a shorter period.

Data collected will be used to develop good algorithms to derive blood pressure values ​​from raw data collected. This will form the basis for creating a new prototype that will be validated later in the project. In this phase we also look for solutions to make a finished product easy to use. The experience doctors and health secretaries got from testing is also important during this period.

Pills are replaced with exercise

About six months ago, Sandefjord health park EviBase Training Clinic opened. The clinic is a collaboration between 2 of the doctors and 2 of the naprapaths in the health park together with the professors Jan Hoff and Jan Helgerud at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). The unique thing about this collaboration is that the patients get “training as medicine”. Safe training that guarantees results, in line with what you can get with medication. A research-based training methodology and systematic follow-up for a large number of risk factors and diseases have been developed. The patients have close monitoring and monitoring and the results are very good.

«It is very satisfying to be able to use exercise instead of a pill. Side effects are better physical performance and quality of life. We have thought that the training clinic can also be a suitable place to try out the blood pressure monitor (also called “IsensU”) over time. Then we can follow the blood pressure during the training.» Says Dr. Hans Jacob Gravdal in Sandefjord Helsepark.

We are following the work done at the training clinic and we look forward to testing products for other applications in cooperation with Sandefjord Helsepark in the future.

Norway Health Tech

Smart health is exciting, but also challenging. It is important to join a cluster where we can discuss with others and get help when reaching the global health industry. Therefore, we have become a member of Norway Health Tech. The organization has over 270 members where the members are the core of the cluster.

Do you want to join us? We are looking for more talented people.