Norwegian health technology can help prevent spreading of corona virus

Decon-X in cooperation with Datek Solutions

Decon-X in cooperation with Datek Solutions

The Norwegian company Decon-X has developed a disinfection robot. It uses the substance hydrogen peroxide to disinfect surfaces in rooms. Datek Solutions has now agreed on a cooperation agreement with Decon-X. The agreement means that we will help develop the software in the robot. In this way, Deacon-X can meet more and more demand in the future.

Safe surface disinfection to fight the Corona virus

The hope is that Decon-X can become part of the national effort to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus. 150 disinfection robots are in use in Norwegian hospitals, nursing homes, ambulance centers and assistive technology centers. The machine fills the areas with a dry mist that disinfects all surfaces. The corona virus can survive on surfaces for up to nine days, so these days it is extra important to disinfect. Sensors record the process and ensure that the disinfection is carried out with verified and controlled efficiency. The user is notified when the process is performed correctly and 99.9999% of all microbes in the area are removed. The process is automatically documented in a report that is sent to the robot user via SMS / e-mail.

Denne artikkelen om Decon-X maskinen stod i Finansavisen i starten av uka.

Hydrogenperoksid er i følge ny rapport effektiv mot Coronavirus.

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We contribute with our expertise

«We at Datek are incredibly proud to be able to contribute with our expertise during the development of this robot. In these challenging times, it is important that everyone contributes and that we collaborate and move in the same direction. Decon-X is an example that we in Norway have technology that can make a difference for a whole world.» Says Per Berg, CEO Datek Solutions.