Inside our department of development

A bunch of people with burning interest in gadgets, electronics and technological development.

The history

The development department in Datek has gradually gained a long history. When Datek started in 1997, focus was on distribution and sales of GSM modules and fleet management solutions. Very soon it became apparent that there was a need for a separate development department – it was established in 2000.

Initially, we focused on developing server solutions and embedded development, ie programming of equipment that stands out in the field (in a car, light pole, train, home, etc.). Eventually, there was also the need for expertise in hardware development, front end development (web pages and applications) and technical project management. Today, the development department serves all of these areas:

Hardware development

Embedded software development

Server / backend development

Frontend development (web, app)

Technical project management

Product development and management

A diverse gang

The developers at Datek have different age and background, but a common feature for all is a burning interest in gadgets, electronics and technological development. Several developers also have experience from large companies, such as BBS / Nets, Telenor, Intelli, Siemens and Atea. Regardless of experience, our developers must be adaptable. This is also emphasized as an important key for enjoyment among the developers.

In addition to working in a number of areas of development, we are also working on products and solutions for many different industries. The common denominator is M2M / IoT solutions, but there are also demands on expertise in different professional and industry areas.

Our developers focus on methodology and further development, which is done through project work, reflection workshops at crossing of project groups, interdisciplinary friday projects (from idea to product in one day), academic evenings and participation in various technical forums. Several in the development department also participate in active open source projects.

With focus on quality

Our customers demand quality and environmental awareness. These days Datek is certified within both ISO-9001 (quality) and ISO-14001 (environment). Before the summer we will also have ISO 27001 certification (IT security). Even though focus on quality and security has always been important for Datek – and not least among our developers, these certifications are important to highlight this focus.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into force in May 2018 is something we take serious and we will ensure that the data we manage is taken care of in a safe and secure manner.

Øyvind Fuglebakk explains our door lock system.