We are developing a smart blood pressure monitor

In cooperation with Sintef, Oslo University Hospital and Sandefjord Health Park, we are developing a blood pressure monitor that will make it easier to measure blood pressure.

We are excited for fundings from The Research Council

A new blood pressure monitor with the potential to give more accurate results has been researched by Sintef for a long time already. The project has been named HyperSension and is based on a concept and technology from a former EU project run by Sintef. Datek has had the pleasure of working with Sintef in the project. In the autumn of 2017 the project applied for funding from the Research Council Of Norway (BIA). The joy was great when it was announced that we are given funds to develop a finished product. Read more about which projects that received support through BIA.

The research has previously been mentioned in Research news from NTNU and Sintef and Unikard.

1.5 million Norwegians suffered from high blood pressure

Hypertension or raised blood pressure is a condition affecting 1.5 million Norwegians, and it is the major risk factor for early death, estimated to cause about 12.8% of all deaths. Better monitoring of blood pressure and its variations is a key action in order to identify and help individuals at risk.

The traditional measurements of blood pressure are unsatisfactory as they are limited to intermittent measurements (3-4 per hour) and are based on an inflatable cuff around the upper arm that can cause stress and pain, which thereby may introduce error in the measurements. It is often necessary for patients to make measurements themselves at home and here it is known that the equipment is not optimal and the measurements are not good enough. The equipment the patients must carry with them can be disturbing and limited. It must be used during the night, which may lead to interrupted night’s sleep and improper measurement of blood pressure.

Research from Sintef

With senior researcher Trine Seeberg in the lead, Sintef has developed a prototype portable blood pressure monitor. It has the potential to provide more accurate and continuous measurements than current equipment. The prototype enables you to continuously measure blood pressure, whether at the doctor’s office or at home. The patient wears the blood pressure monitor with an adjustable pulse belt under the clothes, with electrodes placed freely. The measures are transmitted via Bluetooth technology.

«Diseases related to high blood pressure are the cause of death one in the world today. Therefore, it is very important to detect if you have high blood pressure and thus be in the risk group. More and more people have a busy working day and we tend to increase body weight and low physical activity, which can lead to the risk group for high blood pressure. We can save many lives in the future if we are successful in uncovering who this is.» Senior Scientist, Trine Seeberg. Read article from Sintef.no

A great team within Smart Health

We are looking forward to working as a project owner on the HyperSension project in the next few years. The project consists of Sintef which is leading in sensor development and research, OUS (Oslo University Hospital) who is world leader in blood pressure research, Fujitsu which is the leader in sensor technology and mass production, and an exciting professional medical team in Sandefjord Health Park.

Health professionals confirms that a successful innovation will have a huge market potential due to the limitations in the present blood pressure sensors and the high number of people that need regular BP measurements:

« There is a great potential for using the new blood pressure monitor, both at the doctor’s office and in the hospital because it is very user-friendly compared to today’s BP devices that give a lot of discomfort and disturbance to patients, as well as measurements may fail and one has to bother the patient with new measurements . It may also be a solution for some patients who refuse to take 24 BT measurement due to side effects. As a researcher in hyperthyroidism and hypertensive heart disease, I see great opportunities for using the sensor in research since it provides continuous BP measurement and analysis/understanding of the burden of the disease, especially in patients with difficulty controllable BP.» PhD and Scientist, Medical Clinic, OUS, Fadl Elmula.

«One of the foundations of physics is that there are no measurement methods that do not simultaneously affect what is to be measured. Blood pressure measurements are a striking example of it. Well-known phenomena such as “office pressure”, “white coat hypertension”, bad night, busy morning, stress period, measurement error, user error, device failure and wrong cuff play. The readings are subjective. All of this weakens the reliability of what is a very important parameter in the assessment of cardiovascular risk, treatment and follow-up. Devices can be calibrated, but the measurements can not be quality assured against a gold standard because it does not exist. At least not before now. » Medical professional, Sandefjord Helsepark, Hans Jacob Gravdal.

The Minister of Trade and Industry in action with the prototype

Torbjørn Røe Isaksen visited and tested the prototype. He expressed great enthusiasm and the importance of companies researching.

«It is incredibly important that business is researching. Norway will be characterized by major changes in the decades to come. The projects that now receive support can facilitate solid businesses and new jobs, “says Minister of Trade and Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen. » Read the press release here.