Skullerud sports field

The sports facility at Skullerudstua in Oslo municipality is for the benefit of both Rustad IL and the municipality's inhabitants. In winter it is used as a ski resort, rest of the year it is a popular hiking and training area. White snow reflects the light in a completely different way than hiking trails without snow. Therefore, there are completely different requirements for light intensity in the different seasons.

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Intelligent management of the sports facility

A light sensor is located on the field that measures when it is dark/light so the system can switch on/off the lights. The light sensor sends signal to the management and control system that transmits the correct light levels to the luminaires. The base lighting is set by Oslo municipality and Rustad IL.

The luminaires always light on 70% of the total power and are dimmed to 10% during nights in the winter months. This provides low energy and maintenance requirement that ensures low operating costs. The luminaires are connected to our central server in the cloud, and report light levels, energy consumption, temperature and, of course, any errors with the light source.

The light control system can easily be programmed to the desired light levels for the various parts of the system. In the start and finish area and out in the trails with long downhill and tight turns, the light intensity of the luminaires can be increased, while areas with long and open stretches can be dimmed.

Trainers and leaders in Rusted IL have access to control the light with mobile devices, PCs or tablets.

Consideration for nature

It is especially important to take into account the use of light in the nature. In the woods there are a rich wildlife and we must limit the light pollution so that we don’t disturb natural life and day cycle for fish and other animals. When people go in the woods, many want to come close to nature and have nice experiences. Many go out to see the stars and therefore this is another consideration that must be taken when operating a lighting system in the woods. With our solution, you get the flexibility to meet the required requirements also for the nature.

Top modern luminaires

Energy-efficient LED luminaires alone do not handle the various light requirements of such a plant as Skullerud sports area. It was therefore decided early in the project to install modern luminaires from Thorn Lighting and Osram with Datek control nodes installed in the luminaires.

Datek Light Control’s control nodes have a built-in GPS module. With GPS built into the luminaires, installation work and logistics were very simplified for the electric contractor in this project.

As the luminaires were installed, they automatically “positioned” themselves into the map and management system of Datek Light Control. A true “Plug & Play” installation.

At Skullerud there are 33 modern new LED luminaires installed with Datek control nodes. The plant will be expanded in early 2018 with new smart lighting in the snow hill in the same area.

There are also 2 DLC Gateways installed in the area that serve as central communication nodes between the individual control nodes and Datek Light Control’s IoT based server solution.


Oslo Municipality and Skullerud IL have received a modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly lighting system.

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