Road 152 in Trolldalen

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen) has for many years used our solution for their projects. Everything from the smallest bike path to county roads and highways. When the stretch between Drøbak and Ås in Akershus was to be rectified, the choice fell on us. The system that is in place is both climate-friendly, energy-efficient and provides better road safety. S

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Smart lighting in Trolldalen

Traffic density on most roads has considerable variations throughout the day. At night when there is little traffic, light levels can be reduced significantly. With Datek Light Control’s solution, the customer can decide when the lights will be dimmed because our control node is connected to a server in the cloud. There is a continuous communication between the control nodes and the cloud.

Statens vegvesen has chosen the following profile for Trolldalen:

At 9 pm - 90%
At 10 pm - 80%
At 11 pm - 70%
rom midnight and rest of the night - 50%

Profiles can be changed dynamically throughout the week and seasons, and of course adjusted if the traffic situation should change. Changing dimming profiles requires no effort in the field, but can easily be changed from a PC or mobile. Statens vegvesen have a good overview of errors and can schedule maintanance when needed since the control nodes and cloud communicate continuous.

Reduced energy consumption

There is an approved power meter in each luminaire, and users can obtain detailed overview of energy consumption. This is important in order to optimize the energy consumption of the entire system. Our solution provides precise values, and you can easily test how different profiles affect energy consumption.

Data from the system in week 47 2017 showed that Statens vegvesen received a 18% reduction in energy consumption in Trolldalen. With full power on all 61 luminaires, the system would consume 899 Kwh. With the dim profile used, the result was 735 Kwh in total.


The project has 61 modern LED luminaires delivered from the luminaire manufactur, ALC in Italy. Datek Light Control’s control nodes are internally mounted from the factory. With a nominal power of 120 W, this luminaire is capable of delivering light levels that meets the requirements for this type of road and traffic pattern.


With the solution in Trolldalen, Statens vegvesen has achieved the goals of reducing climate emissions and energy savings.

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  • Øyvind Sløgedal
    Øyvind Sløgedal CEO Datek Light Control AS
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