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How can I light / extinguish the light circuits in a "tennskap"?

If you are a registered user of Datek Lysstyringsplattform, you can log in to the link from your mobile phone and follow the instructions. The app uses your GPS and gives you direct access to the nearest ignition that you have rights to turn on / off. Time-saving and easy.

I'm going to start a lighter. What information do you need?

We need the control unit's serial number, a name for the ignition and ignition position. The position should be in the format WGS84 decimal degrees. For example, use Google Map which can give you this directly. If the ignition cabinet was built by a panel builder who is Datek certified, the cabinet will be configured and the rest is just testing. If the cabinet is not fully configured, we must do so with the installer on site before the last check.

Is there an App we can use to turn on / off the track light?

Yes it does. The app is available in 2 versions, one for registered Track / Construction Manager and one for users created by Track / Construction Manager. The app gives the club the opportunity to handle users locally within the framework set by the platform owner.

The unit's A lamp is red and I can not control the ignition? What is wrong?

You are missing communication with the GSM network. This can be several causes of this problem; Poor coverage, subscription failure or device failure. We check the latest reported signal strengths and can give you a hint about local GSM coverage. Poor coverage can be due to faulty or incorrectly mounted antenna, cable faults or antenna transitions. We can then check the subscription. The subscription must be of type M2M total and have a pin code removed. If these 2 conditions are not the cause, troubleshooting directly on the device. Then the device usually has to return to us in Datek for troubleshooting.

What is good / bad signal strength on GSM?

Values between -51dBm and -93dBm are within the recommended signal strength, while values between -93dBm and -113dBm are poor, where -113dBm is completely off the grid.

In a luminaire-controlled network, 3 nodes next to each other have the message "offline". What's wrong with the nodes?

If 2 or more nodes have an error message that starts around the same time, then it is more likely that the error is somewhere else. Suggests checking the control current to the nodes.

In a luminaire-controlled road lighting network, the nodes are red in the map, but we know that they are in order. Why?

Node can be in networks where the control current to the luminaires is without electricity during the day. For example, a rebuilt system where only parts of the system are luminaire controlled, while the rest of the system is loop controlled and therefore must be switched off during the day. Loop control provides control current to both systems. In configuring nodes, there is a check box "Powerless during the day". This must then be checked.

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