Emergency Lighting

Product for automation and streamlining of installation, commissioning and maintenance of emergency lighting systems.

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Emergency lighting system for a multinational company

The customer is a multinational company with more than $30 billion in annual sales. They design, produce and sell components and equipment for the electronics and communication market.


The customer needed a system that could simplify and automate the operation, maintenance, order generation and order of emergency light equipment. Operation and maintenance of emergency lighting in large buildings are traditionally a costly, time consuming and legally-mandated job.

They wanted to revolutionize this work with a unique and innovative system to use for orders, commissioning, operation and inspection. We got the pleasure of developing a system for the future in collaboration with the customer.


The product is developed based on Datek’s standard M2M/IoT platform. It is integrated with the customer’s work order system, product catalog and logistics system for simplifying management of the emergency lighting in buildings. Controllers are supplied by another company, integrated with the central system developed by Datek.

The result

The first version of the product was completed in 2010 and then sold throughout Europe. The product is delivered both as a cloud solution and for local installation at the customer’s premises. A number of well-known and high profile clients use the system both within internationally recognized shopping centers, football pitches throughout Europe, hospitals and universities.

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