Android Things, Google Weave og Thread

Android Things, Google Weave and Thread - development of new technology between smart devices.

Get to know Android Things for IoT devices

Since January, we have had the pleasure of having three students from Westerdals Oslo ACT who have explored Google’s new ecosystem within IoT and M2M.

With new technology from Google and Intel, they have developed a prototype for a sensor node network. Google launched a preview of Android Things in December 2016 and this was something we wanted to explore. The students from Westerdals therefore got the task of getting to know this new ecosystem for IoT devices, to find out what opportunities are available when this is released.

The assignment is a final project for the bachelor program for Intelligent Systems. Throughout the project, the team has explored new technology for managing communication between smart devices with Thread Radio Protocol and Google’s application protocol for smart devices – Google Weave. They have also explored many of Google’s new IoT services on the server level for processing data sets (big data), image processing and Google’s app for Weave.

Through the work, the students have built up a good overview of many of the opportunities – and limitations in Google’s IoT ecosystem. They have also developed a working prototype for management and data collection from smart sensors through Datek’s own developed Gateway with Android Things installed, to Google’s server services and Google’s app for Weave-compatible IoT devices.

Very useful for us in Datek

The work the students have done is very useful to us in Datek. Our developers have participated as guides as well as building valuable expertise around Google’s upcoming IoT ecosystem.

We have also had a fun Friday project along the way, with all the developers participating a full day in different parts of the project.

This gives us valuable experience when Google finally releases the final version of Android Things and Weave.

Google Cloud Platform

In the diagram, we see dataflow between an Intel Edison module with the new Android Things operating system that communicates with another Edison with Libiota / Weave, Google’s new application protocol for handling Thread. The devices communicate through Google Cloud Platform where services such as Firebase, Cloud Functions, Vision and PubSub are used to send, process and receive data between devices.

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