IoT - Internet of Things

We deliver IoT solutions to the enterprise market in various industries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a term for network communication between different equipment and objects in the field, whether it’s coffee makers, cars or flower pots. Currently, this is a widely used expression. An increasing number of “things” are coming online and can be controlled and measured in new and exciting ways.

Datek has been working with IoT since we started up in 1997. The main focus has been on industrial solutions, called M2M (machine-to-machine) systems. We have delivered solutions in both rail, road and infrastructure, airport (“into-plane” solutions), security solutions, building automation, refrigeration and fieldwork solutions.

In recent years we have also worked with commercial solutions within Connected Car and Smart Homes for business partners and corporate customers in the B2B market.

Our advantage

We have always focused on reuse of systems and components. This has provided us with high quality systems that are developed and adapted faster than most of our competitors can offer.

Datek also has many years of experience within this field, giving us an advantage in selecting the proper technology for each project, and using it in the right way.

From our background in the enterprise market we’re used to a security-first approach to our products and solutions, which is very important when you deliver online equipment in people’s homes and cars.


Bane Nor

Bane NOR got a fleet management solution that ensures a good overview of all rolling stock.

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CargoNet needed a system for monitoring locomotives and freight in real-time with easier registration of route punctuality.

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Gardermoen Fuelling Services AS

Time of refueling is essential to all airlines and airports. Delivery precision is crucial because of the short time between arrival and departure.

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Yale wanted a new communication module for their well known smart door lock Yale Doorman.

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