Yes, we are ISO certified

We take quality and environment seriously

Focus on quality and environment

We are pleased to announce that we are ISO certified in standards 14001 and 9001. Datek has always been focusing on quality and environment and have good routines in our daily work to ensure these areas. We can now document that we are working actively to ensure quality and environment requirements.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system and ISO 14001 is a management system for the environment. With certification in these standards, we can now document that we have good quality assurance systems to meet our customers, suppliers, and not least our own requirements. We can also, by hand to heart, say that we help minimize negative impacts on the environment with ISO-14001.

The process towards certification

The process with getting certified started in autumn of 2017. The project team got a good start with help from Veritech. We saw early in the process that we had been focusing on quality and environment throughout the years, but now it was about putting this into a system. A good system was crucial for implementing this in a good way and we started to investigate various suppliers in the market. The choice fell on Landax. They could deliver a web-based tool that could be tailored to our needs. The timetable was held and we were ready for revision by Nemko that proceeded without any deviation. Shortly after, we could confirm that we certified within the expected timeframe.

Continuous work

We have received documentation that we have a well-functioning management system for quality and environment. Now the work of continuously improving our work processes continues. In this work, the employees are the most important resource. We have highly skilled employees who always have quality in focus and create security for our customers.

ISO-27001 and GDPR compliance on the way

We are also working on certification for ISO-27001 and GDPR compliance for all our systems. First revision for ISO-27001 is scheduled for early July with final revision in early September.