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Make new and old products smart with custom solutions.

Our expertise is often in demand when existing products are to be made smart, such as electronic door locks, thermostats or other things you want to bring into the smart home era. With custom solutions, we make brand new products or product classics smart with the open Zigbee standard.

We have all the necessary expertise internally in Datek Home and Datek Next and can handle the entire process from redesign of existing product to CE qualification and Zigbee certification. With our RED-certified Mighty Dream Zigbee modules, the road is shorter and easier from redesign to finished product than if you have to develop it all from scratch.


Custom solutions means that you can come to us with a challenge to get a product or service smart. Then we sit down together and look at how we can achieve it, within the framework provided by the owners of the product or service.

Often these are pure development projects with clear limitations. A good example of this is the projects we have carried out in collaboration with Yale and IDLock, where we have placed a Zigbee unit in the locks to make them wireless and smart.

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Just like you want it.

We can be involved from idea to finished product, if this is what you want. We develop both hardware and software and have production facilities for prototypes on our location. This ensure fast progress. We can be your product supplier and deliver your new products to you – all finished with your own packaging and ready for the market.

We do as much as you want, and if you want to handle production, CE, etc., then it's ok for us. Through our strategic partnerships (eg Eker Design), the end product is exactly the way you want it to be, designed by people who have extensive experience in product design for the mass market.

Are you wondering how a collaboration with us will work? Feel free to contact us!

Datek Next – when products are developed from scratch

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Are you wondering how a collaboration with us will work?

Feel free to contact us!

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