Help your customers save money on their electricity bill

Eva Energy fits perfectly into the value chain of any electricity company, and provides customers with value from day one

Help your customers save money. Electricity customers expect more than just electricity. Insight, control and management of consumption and costs have become important in today's market. Datek Smart Home has developed the service Eva Energy, which automates power consumption to the cheapest hours of the day. Electricity companies can sell this service to their customers, in that way the customer will get a full overview and control of their power consumption.

What to we offer the electricity company?

  • Sell ​​Eva Energy as part of the company's products and services
  • Use data and management from the Eva Smart Home solution in your own customer areas through access to a rich API
  • Offer fully installed solutions in collaboration with local partners, or use our nationwide services for installation
  • The customer will save money on the electricity bill from day one

What value will the service provide the electricity customer?

  • Controls the consumption of water heating, electric car and underfloor heating automatically according to the electricity price and capacity link
  • Helps the customer achieve significant reductions in electricity use, the savings are displayed daily in the app

  • Includes all necessary products and is delivered fully installed

  • The customer will save money on the electricity bill from day one

Charge your car smart with Eva Energy

We have launched a new main function in the Eva Energy service. Now it is even more easy to use electricity when the electricity price is lowest!

Eva Smart Home users who have Zaptec, Charge Amps and Easee chargers can now use this service. The service will soon be available to users who have a Wallbox charger, and even more chargers will be added in the future.

You can save a lot of money by charging your car smarter!


Power usage without Eva Energy

Power usage with Eva Energy

Controlled by a secure platform

Our platform and hub place security first. Eva Hub was the first product in Norway to be certified by Nemko's new IoT cyber security certification.

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Eva Home product sheets.

Do you want to know more about Eva Energy?

Feel free to contact us if you need further information or about how a collaboration with us works.

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