Datek home komplett smarthusteknologi kopi

Smart home technology opens up unimaginable possibilities. We embrace this with in-house developed hardware and software based on the open Zigbee standard. All controlled by our platform and app for iOS and Android.

Hub and devices.

The heart of our smart home system is our hub. Seemingly small and discreet, but with great power and authority. Connected to the internet and our platform, it is easily configured and controlled, and if the network goes down, it ensures that the home still works and that automations run.

All our units have our self-developed radio module and are developed with a focus on meeting both needs and functionality. Even the look is carefully considered; all units are designed with stylish design to fit into modern homes.

Eva Hub miljø utsnitt

Why Zigbee?

Zigbee is an open and widely used standard that communicates with other Zigbee devices. This provides a large selection and great opportunities for the consumer. With many years of experience (including years of experience in Datek Light Control), we know Zigbee well.

The benefits lie in energy-efficient devices that save battery life in wireless sensors and switches. Zigbee forms a mesh network that amplifies the signals in the network and ensures that the signals find the shortest path from hub to device. If a device is disconnected, the network is maintained through other devices. And behind the hub is a system that allows you to control everything via an app, as long as you are online.

The new standard "Matter" has the same basic technology as Zigbee. We will support Matter.

A secure system

Our platform and hub put security first, and our Eva Hub was the first product in Norway to complete Nemko's new IoT cyber security certification. It is also now certified with the cybersecurity mark of Traficom in Finland.

Security is built into Zigbee. All communication signals are encrypted. You do not have to worry about someone standing outside "listening" to your devices or connecting to them.

Datek teknologi sikkerhet

A solid platform.

Our smart home platform has been developed through many years of experience. The platform is the link between the smart home and the user interface. Data and events from the hub are handled and made available, control and settings from the user interface are taken care of. The platform offers extended functionality around door locks, alarms, group and scenario management, automation and graph data.

The platform is cloud-based and runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It has an event-driven architecture and a well-documented client API.

Access control is based on open standard (OAuth) and it has continuous system monitoring.


The app controls everything.

The app is the user interface for managing and configuring the smart home. It gives an overview of the condition of the smart home and guides you through the setup of new devices. It provides detailed insight into power consumption with our meter reader, gives you full control of access to the house with door lock module for ID Lock and Yale, and allows you to set up automation in the home using scenarios, calendar and routines.

The app is available for iOS and Android and is developed "native" to provide the best user experience. With the users' needs in focus, the app is continuously developed together with the platform to provide a friction-free smart home.

Updates are released regularly. You can find the app in the App Store and Play Store.

Do you want to know more about smart home technology?

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  • Lise Engmo Eggum
    Lise Engmo Eggum Head Of Engineering Datek Smart Home AS