New and exciting standard for smart homes is on the way

The Connectivity Standard Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) has launched a new standard called Matter. Datek will of course make sure that both new and existing equipment works seamlessly with Matter.

Zigbee Alliance has over the past several years worked with the standard Matter under the working name Connected Home over IP - CHIP. In Datek, we have been following this work closely to ensure that we are ready for the new standard. With full control of the delivery chain from the sensors to the cloud service, we ensure that our customers can be confident that Datek will continue to deliver the best solution for the smart home.

Smart home made easy

With Matter, we get a standard that makes it even easier to connect smart home equipment from different suppliers and make them work together seamlessly. All major smart home vendors including Datek, have worked together for several years in the Zigbee Alliance (now the Connectivity Standard Alliance – CSA) to achieve this. Datek has been a member of the Zigbee Alliance since 2006. From the start, we have made use of the technology in outdoor lighting solutions. The experience we gained from this has since been utilized in other areas including smart home. Datek continue as a member of the Connectivity Standard Alliance.

For consumers, the introduction of Matter means that in the future it will be even easier to buy equipment that works with what they already have in the home. There will be more sensors to choose from, and the consumer will not be locked into just one brand. It will be easier to create comfortable, safe homes for everyone. Datek has always promoted open standards and worked actively to ensure that different suppliers’ equipment works together. We will continue to contribute to this for both Matter and Zigbee.

What does Matter mean to our customers

Zigbee will also remain in the future. CSA will continue to further develop the Zigbee standard in parallel with the Matter. Equipment that adheres to the Zigbee standard will continue to work as before even after the Matter standard has been introduced. As of the time of writing, 2938 products are Zigbee certified and over 500 million Zigbee units have been sold on the market. This is expected to increase to 4 billion units by the end of 2023.

Datek has developed a complete smart home platform that includes products throughout the value chain from sensors in the home to the cloud solution and mobile application. With 15 years’ experience in developing Zigbee-based products, Datek is uniquely positioned for a future expansion of the platform to also support the Matter standard.