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Specialists for hire. We develop the software and hardware of the future

Next. Connected.

Customized development of electronics and software

Datek Next has in-demand expertise. We are a specialist environment consisting of the best minds in their fields; software development, electronics development, data security and information security.

Development at the edge of technology

In Datek Next, we work with problems that do not yet exist; the electronics and technology of the future.

When a special solution needs to work in, for example, the defense industry, the health service or an IoT company, we contribute our expertise in electronics and software development.

In practice, this means that we meet the customer's needs with user-friendly functionality, and software and hardware that solves the assignment. A wide network of suppliers within mechanical design and production ensures that we can handle total deliveries.

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Extreme safety requirements

Part of the reason why we are chosen as a partner in product development is due to our strict requirements for data security and standards. Before a product can be launched and CE marked, it must be tested for electrical safety, electromagnetic immunity and radiation. For this, we work closely with Nemko.

But we are also at the forefront of data security, cryptographic solutions and security certificates. Our products are future proof.

From idea to finished product

The process the customers meet is lean. For the customer, this means that we start with the most important thing first. When we can see that the basic functionality works and what the user demands of additional functions, you can add more features. This ensures a fast and efficient way towards the prototype and finished product.

Consultants – When the specialists are needed

We are lucky to work with some of the country's most forward-looking companies in terms of technological solutions. This is a position we have deserved over time. The specialist expertise we have built over many years, as well as our ability to deliver, is in demand among innovative companies.

As consultants, we can participate in all or part of a project. In many cases, we work hired, which in practice means that key people in the project over time work as if they are part of the customer's extended team. Preferably at the customer's location. Datek Next is also Datek's internal specialist environment, and in return we can draw on Datek's overall expertise in IoT, marketing, sales and technology environment.

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Our greatest value; our competence

With over 50 years of experience (also from former Informasjonskontroll AS), Datek Next has broad expertise in software and hardware development. We know which platforms, which approach and which people to choose, regardless of the size of the project.

Our biggest advantage lies precisely in the ability to see the overall picture because we know the entire value chain, from project start-up to final delivery. Our expertise includes software, electronics and hardware development, choice of architecture and platform, all with a special focus on security and with deep knowledge of essential programming languages.

Our combined expertise means that we can be at the forefront of technology and ensure that the projects get the pace and know-how required to implement in time and scope.

  1. # competence:  Hardware development (Analogue/Digital)
  2. # competence:  Software development
  3. # competence:  Embedded development
  4. # competence:  Cyber Security
  5. # competence:  Cloud solutions (MS Azure, AWS)
  6. # competence:  FPGA development
  7. # competence:  Altera/Intel
  8. # competence:  Xilinx
  9. # competence:  System-on-chip (SOC)
  10. # competence:  IoT (miscellaneous)
  11. # competence:  Nordic Semiconductor
  12. # competence:  NB-IoT
  13. # competence:  Cat-M1
  14. # competence:  LTE-M
  15. # competence:  nRF51, nRF52, nRF91
  16. # competence:  Databases
  17. # competence:  Zigbee, BLE, WiFi

Do you want to know more about customized development?

Feel free to contact us if you need further information or are wondering about how a collaboration with us works.

  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS
  • Arnt Myklebost
    Arnt Myklebost KAM Datek AS