Nemko and Datek Next join forces to put cyber security in IoT-products on the agenda

The last years, we have seen challenges around cyber security both among manufacturers and among users of connected products. Now, we are joining forces with Nemko to raise awareness about safety in IoT-products.

The test and security company Nemko and Datek Next, a specialist environment in product and system development, have with the newly entered into cooperation a common goal of increasing both awareness and security. We want to address this through information and knowledge sharing to consumers and producers. Now is the time to direct the spotlight on expectations and demands from the market and the authorities.

We are very pleased to collaborate with Datek Next for increased cyber security. Together, we will give current and future customers an efficient way to qualify their products, says Per Ove Øyberg, Group President & CEO Nemko.

Complementary independent services

The services that Nemko and Datek Next will be offering is complementary but independent services.

Nemko's business is primarily as an independent third party, with services such as product evaluation and certifications against standards and regulatory requirements nationally and internationally. Nemko does not provide consulting services on solutions.

Datek Next primarily delivers expertise in the development of secure products and systems that meet relevant requirements. Datek was first to come out with security certification for IoT products. Datek Next does not provide certification services, but assists customers with its cutting-edge expertise so that the customers' products meet the requirements for good security in accordance with industry standards within Cyber ​​Security.

We see great value for the customer in this collaboration. Manufacturers and developers get a seamless service from the planning and design phase to market access. This service will ensure security in a simple and effective way, says Per Berg

What must manufacturers start with now?

Historically there has been most focus on functionality and not so much focus on security when developing IoT products. Datek Next and Nemko wants to turn the trend, and have therefore started a collaboration to jointly increase cyber security for IoT. It is important for us that users of IoT products is reassured that security is safeguarded.

Requirements for security in IoT products have previously been little regulated by the authorities, but now there are absolute requirements that must be complied in order to be able to sell their products. From August 1st. 2024, mandatory EU requirements for security in IoT products will be introduced (Radio Directive). These requirements must be met in order to reach the market. If an IoT product is to satisfy the requirements to be CE marked, cyber security must also be in place.

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