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Eva – Smart home made simple!

Eva Smart Home is the brand we have developed for the private market and companies who want a fully developed smart home solution. The goal? That everyone should have a smarter, better and safer home. So we've made sure Eva is easy to understand and easy to set up.

The safe smart home choice.

Smart homes shouldn't be difficult. It should be simple. You should feel like you master it and be inspired to make your home a place where things work smoothly. But most importantly; it simply has to work.

Since Eva also communicates with other Zigbee certified devices, it is easy to connect gadgets from other suppliers, such as electronic door locks. This way, you can have a safe home where everyone in the family is taken care of. Everything is set up via a simple, intuitive app that gives you full overview and control. At any time.

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Become a power guru!

Do you know how much electricity you actually use? Or that the price of electricity varies greatly throughout the day? Whether you are already hunting for power thieves or want to get started, our new smart electricity service is right up your alley.

Smart Electricity
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Smart homes for a dignified senescence.

Everyone wants their loved ones to be able to live at home for as long as possible, in familiar surroundings where they feel safe. But many ask themselves; how long can they do that? And how safe is it?

Are you part of a dealership? See here!

Do you want smart home products as part of your offer to your own customers? Eva products can easily be included in your portfolio.

This way, your customers get a nice entrance to smart home technology and smart homes, with products that they can connect with other Zigbee devices. Does this sound interesting? Feel free to contact us to find out how you can become a dealer.


Eva Home product sheets.

  • Product Sheet

    Eva Hub

  • Product sheet

    Apex Smart Plug

  • Product sheet

    Eva Meter Reader

  • Product sheet

    Eva Motion Sensor

  • Product sheet

    Eva Door Window Sensor

  • Product sheet

    Eva Scene Selector

  • Product sheet

    Eva Water Sensor


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Do you want to know more about the smart homes of the future?

Feel free to contact us if you need further information or are wondering about how a collaboration with us works.

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  • Sondre Aarrestad stående
    Sondre Aarrestad CEO Datek Smart Home AS
  • Ole J Holmefjord
    Ole-Johan Holmefjord Head of commercial dept.