Eva Scene Selector

Eva Scene Selector can be used to control smart home devices and is an essential part of any smart home. The scene selector has six buttons that can be individually configured.

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The new standard for controlling a smart home

With this device, you can control other smart sensors and make your home do what you want with the push of a button. The six buttons are configured with moods or used as switches for on/off and dimming. The mood switch also has a built-in temperature sensor that measures the temperature in the room.

The unit has magnets for attaching it to the cradle, or you can put it directly on a refrigerator or other metal surfaces. A wide selection of stickers with different icons to mark the buttons are included.

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Eva Scene Selector

  • Turn devices on/off
  • Measures temperature in the room
  • Start automations with just one click
  • One unit for both switching and dimming
  • Connect to Eva Hub to fully utilize all functions
Eva Scene Selector

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