Connected Car

Exciting products for Connected Car based on our experience from complex, industrial vehicle solutions.

Connected Car

For the last three years, we have opted to focus on exciting new products for Connected Car based on our experience from complex industrial vehicle solutions. The products are based on a modern infrastructure, with well-tested equipment for the cars.

The products are divided into three areas: for municipalities and government agencies, for the SME market and for the consumer market.

Connected Car for municipalities and government agencies

Our Connected Car product for municipalities is now in full operation in Fredrikstad municipality. The product is adapted to municipalities based on Fredrikstad’s requirements, but also with a product and reusability focus. The product consists of several modules:

  • Mileage log and trip reports.
  • Vehicle Registry.
  • Real-time fleet management in map, through Google Maps, geodata/ESRI Arcgis or Open Streetmap.
  • Driver registry with registration of competencies and certificates.
  • Registration of driver using existing employee cards (card reader in all cars).
  • Service and maintenance.
  • Workshop registry with schedule management.
  • Vehicle data retrieval via the car's diagnostic port (OBD II).
  • Department structure adapted to municipalities.
  • Leasing control.

A municipality typically wants to have a local installation of the system, something we have taken into account in the selection of architecture and infrastructure.

Connected Car for SME-market

For small and medium-sized businesses, we offer the product through partners who distribute the solution in their own brand. The product is delivered as a cloud-based service, neither partners nor customers need to install anything locally. Functionality is similar to municipalities. Additionally, there is functionality associated with mileage log, such as automatic registration of the passing of toll stations and driving on private roads.

Connected Car for consumer market

For the consumer market, the product is sold through partners as well. But here it is also arranged for these partners to offer integration through APIs for their partners and content providers. This allows different applications and services to be offered to end-users, such as dynamic insurance, workshop scheduling, sales, leasing and other services that are of interest to end users.


Fredrikstad municipality

Datek has delivered a Connected Car product for fleet management and follow-up of the municipality's approx. 500 vehicles.

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