Eva Hub

Eva Hub is the heart of Eva Smart Home. A powerful hub that handles local management and rules set up in the home, even if the internet connection is lost. Setup of devices, automations, moods etc. takes place via the Eva Smart Home app.

Eva Hub miljø utsnitt

The new standard for smart homes

Eva Hub has a powerful Quad-core processor that ensures a seamless experience.

Eva Hub is upgraded when needed via the web, and can also upgrade all devices it has in its Zigbee network, provided that the individual manufacturer has made the upgrade files ("OTA") available. In addition to being a complete smart home hub for controlling e.g. lighting, heating, blinds, fire- , water- and intruder alarms, the customer can upgrade to the Eva Alarm service or let Eva Energy service control the electricity consumption for optimal use depending on the electricity price.

Eva Hub is developed and designed in Norway and CE tested by Nemko.

Eva Hub is Nemko-certified according to the European Cyber ​​Security standard under the RED Directive (ETSI EN 303 645 V2.1.0, required from August 2025). Eva Hub was the first product in Norway to carry out Nemko's security certification for IoT products.

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Eva Hub

  • Control your Eva or other Zigbee compliant devices
  • Control your home with automations and moods
  • Lower your electricity bill with Eva Energy
  • Protect your home and family with Eva Alarm
  • Connect smart door locks
Eva Hub

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    Trond Westgaard Head of product and services Datek Smart Home AS
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