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Our products and services

The heart of our smart home system is our hub/gateway. Connected to the internet and our platform, it can be configured and controlled, and if the internet goes down, it ensures that the home still functions and automations run. All our units have our own developed radio module and have been developed with a focus on meeting both needs and functionality. Even the appearance is carefully considered; all units are designed with a clean design to fit into modern homes.

Here you can find documents describing our products and services, and download documentation. If you have questions that you cannot find here, please contact us.

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  • Eva Hub

  • Eva Water Sensor

  • Eva Door- /Window Sensor

  • Eva Scene Selector

  • Eva Meter Reader

  • Eva Smart Plug


Our services

Eva energy app

Eva Energy

  • Automatic control of heating, hot water and ev charging
  • Controls consumption according to electricity price and network rent, and looks after the main fuse
  • Reduce consumption by 10-15% with the help of night lowering
  • See what uses electricity, not just how much you use in total
  • See the effect of the savings directly in the Eva Smarthus app
  • Get 35% Enova support for the total cost of purchase and installation
Eva Alarm

Eva Alarm

  • An affordable alternative to a traditional home alarm
  • Full-fledged burglar alarm with 4 arming modes
  • Automatic control according to activity in the home
  • Option to include water and fire protection at no extra cost
  • Can be easily installed yourself
  • Make the electronic door lock part of the alarm system

A userfriendly app

Our Eva Smarthus app is userfriendly intuitive. With it you can control all your smart home devices, receive notifications, check electricity prices and open the door lock.

Download in the App Store or Google Play.

Eva Smart plug app

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Feel free to get in touch if you need more information or wonder how a collaboration with us works.

  • Trond Westgaard
    Trond Westgaard Head of product and services Datek Smart Home AS
  • Bjørn Sæterøy
    Bjørn Sæterøy SVP Business Development Datek Smart Home AS