Öland Bridge

The lighting on Ölandsbroen is controlled in present by reports from weather stations and the Swedish Transport Administration's monitoring system (Trafikverket). The lights change level in four stages with dimming based on sensors that measure traffic density and weather conditions. When it's bad visibility and a lot of traffic, it's stronger light and when there is little traffic and safe conditions it is less light.

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Sweden’s longest bridge

Ølandsbroen is one of the longest bridges in Europe with its 6072 meters. The bridge was built for the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) in 1972 to connect Øland with Kalmar on the mainland. It was originally dimensioned for one lane in each direction, but with heavy traffic it has later been extended to two lanes. There are over 30,000 cars passing the bridge per day. The infrastructure therefore requires suitable technical installations.

In 2013, the Swedish Transport Administration had its first dynamically controlled lighting system and LED lighting was installed on the bridge. It turned out that the supplier failed to satisfy their needs. In 2016 Datek Light Control delivered a new system that met their safety requirements.

Automated solution

In close collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration and the contractor One Nordic, we developed a special solution based on our existing IoT platform. The sensors measure traffic density and determine the level of light depending on it.

The system operates autonomously. All 412 luminaires are equipped with radio nodes, which via three gateways with SIM card for mobile communication continuously report the status to our cloud service.

In case of errors, the system automatically reports this to Trafikverket’s locally installed SCADA system. At the same time, detailed event logs and status parameters are reported to the cloud service. The contractor One Nordic can quickly make detailed troubleshooting and effectively take the necessary measures.

Efficient installation

Replacing the control nodes in 412 luminaires was done in record speed. To limit bridge closure and quickly implement the installation, a Plug and Play solution was used with GPS integrated nodes. Cars with workers started from both sides of the bridge, and one and one luminaire received a new communication node continuously. After power-up of each luminaire, it automatically connected to the server and acknowledged itself by turning off the light. The installer then moved on to the next luminaire.

The entire operation was scheduled for 5 days but was effectively carried out in 2.5 days.

The result

After several years of operation with our solution, the solution is stable and meets all the requirements of the Swedish Transport Administration.

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