TX Guardian

The use of pesticides is a major environmental problem. TX Guardian wanted to create a solution that keeps rats and mice away without using poison.

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TX Guardian

Entrepreneur with an idea on how to prevent rats and mice from entering homes, commercial buildings, kindergartens, etc in a environment friendly way.


TX Guardian had a bright idea, but not enough technical competence to develope it.
They wanted our help on software and hardware development, app development, certification and industrialization of the product.


An intelligent electric fence that is mounted along the foundation wall of the building that needs protcection.
Microcontrollers control charging and discharging capacitor that trips and generates high voltage pulses in a loop of metal bands.
The loop is monitored for sabotage and shortcircuits, and the status is reported to the central server, which is followed up by a service technician.
Up to 10kV pulses, optical isolation for electronics that monitor the loop due to security, GPRS modem for reporting to central server.


  • MCU from ST Microelectronics

  • 2G-modem from Gemalto

  • High voltage transformer made especially for this application


TX Guardian currently have a small number of installations with very good results.
Mice and rats stay away and finally disappears from the area.

Video demo:

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  • Per Berg
    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS