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A smart home made simple is everyday life made comfortable

Home. Connected.

Datek Home makes smart home technology available for everyone

The smart home has made its entrance. People are getting smart gadgets and devices, and the home is becoming increasingly automated. The disadvantage so far has been that many people find it difficult to understand or use the technology. Smart homes have been for the few. We wanted to change that.

Today, Datek delivers products for both the private market and for large players in need of full scale solutions. Everything developed and designed in Norway, for Norwegian conditions and needs.

Eva - Smart home made simple

Our philosophy? That everyone should be able to create a smart home. That is why we deliver a complete smart home solution that is 100% designed and developed by us – in Norway, for Norway. Everything from app to HUB, water sensor, electricity meter reader, motion sensor, smart plug and several other sensors. In addition, our system is open so you can use sensors from other suppliers that are Zigbee certified.

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Supplier to partners

We are a supplier to large players who need smart home products under their own brand. Whitelabel allows you to put your own logo on quality products that are produced and developed by Datek. In other words, the quality is guaranteed, the only thing missing is your logo.

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Custom solutions

Assignment-based development projects? We solve that! Our experience means that we can meet very special requirements, both for product and software. We simply sit down with the client, define the project and deliver all or part of the project.

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Do you want to know more about the smart homes of the future?

Feel free to contact us if you need further information or are wondering about how a collaboration with us works.

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