We want to help Norwegians gain insight into electricity consumption

The electricity prices in Norway are at record levels and are now seriously beginning to affect the private finances of many Norwegians. Even with electricity support from the government and the postponement of the new online rental model, many feel that the economy is tight. We are now launching the display of spot prices in our app, which makes it possible to get a full overview of the electricity prices, regardless of the electricity supplier!

Eva Smart Power – our journey starts here

Most people don't understand what drives electricity prices, how variation in prices affects them and what they can do to influence their electricity bill. "Old" advice such as lowering the temperature in the house at night and raising it in the morning will now lead to more electricity being used in the morning when the price is higher. This in turn will lead to an increased electricity bill.

In our brand Eva Smart Home, we have now launched the service Eva Smart Power. This service will help Norwegians gain insight into their consumption, so that they can make the right choices and gain control over their electricity bill. With the help of Eva Hub and Eva Meter Reader, you can now get an overview of current consumption set up against the electricity price in the Eva App.

"We believe that the key lies in insight. Making people able to see the connection between consumption, hourly price and the total amount on the invoice." says Harald Aarvig, who is responsible for the concept Eva Smart Power at Datek Smart Home.

Eva strøminnsikt idag

What this means for the consumer

The new functionality in Eva Smart Power means that you can see spot prices in the Eva App at any time and get a full overview of electricity prices, as well as see what your consumption costs in kroner and eur. Initially, this applies to Eastern Norway, but Eva Smart Power is being further developed and will soon be available for the whole country. We have a strong focus on making it easy to get an overview, while also providing good insight for those who want to delve into the numbers.

Furthermore, we will work with good and relevant notifications, as well as simple and effective automations. Through automation, we will help users reduce their electricity bill.

A service that is constantly being updated

Eva Smart Power is not just a package of products but a service that is constantly being further developed. Therefore, it is only natural for us to sell the service as a subscription solution. The service is suitable for those who want full insight into consumption and price, and opportunities to automate based on these. Those who do not want this subscription can still use Eva Smart Home, but without the Eva Smart Power service.

The functionality included in Eva Smart Power will from October 2022 require a subscription of NOK 49 per month, but until then will be available to everyone with Eva Hub and Eva Meter Reader.

About Eva Smart Home

Eva Smart Home is the brand we at Datek have developed for the private market and players who want their own smart home solution. The goal? We will solve real needs and challenges in a very user-friendly way and create everyday magic. Eva Smart Home should be easy to understand and easy to set up.