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Aidee Embody – a revolutionary way to monitor and measure high blood pressure.

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Aidee Embody

Aides EmBody

The medtech company Aidee Health AS is developing a blood pressure monitor based on technology from SINTEF Digital and Datek AS. The blood pressure monitor is attached around the chest like a heart rate belt. Aidee EmBody is a small power plant that constantly collects data through its sensors.


Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is a major cause of premature death worldwide. The symptoms are often vague, or not noticeable at all. This means that the disease often goes undetected. It is also not uncommon for patients with hypertension to be misdiagnosed. Doctors today use a cuff that is inflated around the arm to take measurements. Aidee Health´s product aims to deliver better and more accurate measurements over time, while also being more comfortable for the patient.

There is a lot of development and testing behind new medical products. Datek Next supplies both software and hardware development services to Aidee Health. Developers from Datek Next have worked together with Aidee Health, Sintef, Oslo University Hospital and Sandefjord Health Park to develop the meter which is both accurate, comfortable to use and which collects data on blood pressure and ECG that can be read in real time.

New way of monitoring high blood pressure

Aidee's EmBody represents a completely new way of performing measurements. It reduces the workload for healthcare personnel, provides better and more accurate results and far better comfort for the patient. The results provide a better basis for making the correct diagnosis.


  • Bluetooth LE 5.2

  • Altium 365

  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF5340

  • VS Code

  • C/C++

  • Phyton

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    Per Berg Managing Director Next AS